Spotify Premium v8.4.33.536


Here’s a little present for our followers and readers who enjoys free music. This cracked Spotify Premium release basically has all the Premium features with no monthly payment.
Before downloading and installing Spotify Premium v8.4.33.536, we strongly recommend to uninstall current Spotify version from your device, if there’s one.

Spotify Premium v8.4.33.536 cracked release info:

• Unlocked Spotify Connect
• Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
• Visual ads blocked (for most countries)
• Audio ads blocked
• Seeking enabled
• Unlimited shuffle
• Choose any song
• Extreme audio unlocked
• Repeats enabled

Spotify Connect is unlocked for CC video (with HDMI cable) but not for CC audio. Spotify video available in some countries.

About offline mode: Spotify songs are encrypted at source and the decryption key is tied to your account details, so this will never be hacked within the apk.

Spotify Premium v8.4.33.536 apk


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