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Kodi is award winning free and open source cross platform software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. In more simple words, it’s the most advanced virtual media center application which turns your mobile device in to smart TV.
There’s a huge list of different channels and tons of movies, serials, podcasts inside them from all around the world.  Standard skin is designed to be fast and user friendly, so there’s no need to spend extra time in learning how to use this software.
One of the cool features is that all popular channels are broadcasting live and they can be watched on mobile device at any time. And if you missed your favorite show, series or a movie, everything can be found in the list of current channel and streamed or even downloaded to your phone.
Using UPnP compatibility you can stream to or from any other Kodi instances and play to other UPnP compatible devices in your home. Have one UPnP master device and use other Kodi instances as clients which automatic keeps you watched status and library updated. It’s also available to import from uPnp sources to synchronize your data inside other devices using Kodi.

Kodi1 Kodi2

Kodi for Android


Kodi for Jailbroken iPhone or iPad install tutorial:
1. Open Cydia and tap on Sources/Edit/Add then type http://mirrors.kodi.tv/apt/ios/ Kodi tutorial
2. Tap on the team Kodi source. Kodi tutorial1
3. Tap on All Packages and then on Kodi-iOS. Kodi tutorial2
4. Tap install, then confirm. Kodi tutorial3
That’s it!


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