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Game Connection” association rewarded Badland as one of the best project in mobile game history. It was marked as completely unconventional and unique scenario game. We must approve that it’s one of those addictive games which you just can’t simply turn off even after completing just first level.
Rules are simple, cause all you need to do is keep the mystical flying creature in the air without allowing him to fall behind the moving landscape. In some cases you just must grab that energy balls which can suddenly change characters size or even multiply it from two to whole army little monsters. The bigger you become, the more effort you have to give in order to remain in the air. The size also gives huge advantage when breaking through random obstacles along the way. Players will also discover energy balls that reduces monster size. This helps when you reach tight spaces in which character must fit in to.
Game environment is not the coziest, but it is fascinating and the whole sounds perfectly reflects every movement and contact with different objects.

Badland1 Badland2 Badland3 Badland4

Badland for Android

Badland for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad


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