Play YouTube in the background on Android


Most of the Android users knows very well that YouTube app just can’t play in background as we all would like it could. Because of that, you can’t even listen to favorite music from YouTube and do any other stuff on your phone at the same time. The lack of this simple feature requires users to stick on the single YouTube application and always keep their device screen turned on.
Fortunately, this little trick allows you to have YouTube videos or music playing in the background without using any other third-party applications.


  1. Using device open Chrome and go to YouTube website.
  2. Launch any video you like and pause it.
  3. Open other tab or go back to home screen. YouTube icon remains in notification tab.
  4. Swipe from the top to reach notification screen and tap on play button.

That’s it! From now on, you can have YouTube in the background and use any other application or browse internet. YouTube will play even when device is locked.


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