One of the most popular PC browser game is now available on mobile devices. If you’re the one first time seeing this unusual game, then we’d like to introduce it for you.
In this game main goal is to control your small cell and eat tiny balls or other players cells which makes you grow larger. You must also watch out for other players which are bigger than you, o you will easily become their lunch and loose your growth. Survive and eat long enough is a must if you want to become the biggest cell in the game. conveys the same addictive game play that millions have already enjoyed on PC.
The best part of this game is ability to go straight to the action and compete with your friends or other players in online mode whenever you want. After you grow big enough, your movements become significantly slower. That’s when splitting power helps to catch smaller and faster cells. It’s also possible to use shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players or avoid them when needed.
Just remember that splitting or shrinking will decrease your size and make you more vulnerable.

Agario3Agario1 Agario2 Agario4 for iPhone for Android for Blackberry for Windows Phone

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