Android 7 Nougat update schedule for HTC devices

Last year HTC did a lot better job than Samsung, smoothly bringing OS updates for their devices just about in the expected time. Android Marshmallow landed on the HTC One M9 in December of 2015, which is just two months after Google’s official release. But unlike Samsung, HTC has a lot to prove. The latest HTC 10 device is up against one of the strongest Android lineups, trying to keep their position in competitive smartphone market, battling with the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and Sony XZ. That is why company needs to ensure it delivers the goods with respect to timely Android updates and in that way make users feel special having HTC smartphones.

The good news is that HTC has confirmed it will be bringing Android Nougat to three of its current handsets — HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One M9. But as most of the manufacturers, did not announced any current date when the update would be landing. In the worst case scenario, HTC 10 will be rocking Android Nougat by end of this year, making a great Christmas present for its users.

What is slightly more interesting, is the potential for an earlier than expected release of Android Nougat for HTC phones. Especially knowing that HTC is apparently in partnership on this year’s Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones and that means, potentially, that it should have more access to Android 7 than any of its peers. And this could mean HTC will be able to finalize OS upgrade builds for its current phones faster than usual.

It’s clear that in a short time HTC must step up with new powerful flagman, to remain between top mobile devices manufacturers. Until then, company needs all the help it can get and fast Android updates are one sure way to win Android users hearts. Otherwise, it may lose its weakened position in the market.

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