Android 7 Nougat update scheduled for latest Galaxy devices

Lately Samsung got plenty of trouble on its way with the Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery and recall, a mistake that cost the firm $1.5 billion and that is a lot.
Now, talking about the Android N update, expect that to be delayed due to Galaxy Note 7 blunder. But in addition Samsung is expecting at least an extra two or three months development time on top of its usual Android N update release for the Galaxy Note 7, knowing how complicated it will be tying together new Android 7 features with the Galaxy Note 7’s new functionality and S-Pen features.

However, Galaxy S7 and Note 7 flagship series is in a mass testing phase, preparing for the software update. That means there’s a good few months left of development process though, remembering how long it took to roll out Android M update for the Galaxy S6. It was 5 about months, so we’re looking forward for the update to show up in Q1 2017. Both 7-th series Samsung devices should get the update at the same time.

According to the company’s latest news, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Note 7’s new “Grace UX” to the Galaxy S7 series when the Android 7.0 update lands. According to the details, the new update will include Google’s Android N changes as well as new features added by the brand new “Grace” user experience. On top of this, some features from the Galaxy Note 7 will also be moved across, including new Always On function for the display. Furthermore, Android 7.0 build has been much improved, delivering smoother performance on the Galaxy S7 series compared to the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version currently available on all regions.

No indication yet if Android N will be landing on older Samsung flagship phones like the Galaxy S6 generation, but if history repeats itself, then older models may possibly get the update.

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