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Fitbit is a free app designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. Using Bluetooth 4.0 it wirelessly synchronizes data and puts all the necessary statistics on device screen. Real time and historical stats shows up in easy to understand graphs that helps to track progress and follow your goals. Fitbit also has Live Tile feature, which can be handy for those who wants to follow their steps counter only.
To stay motivated, users can challenge their friends and family members with leaderboards, direct messages, cheers and taunts. Or use app motivational social tools like notifications and badges.
Recently this app database was filled up with more than 350 000 foods that comes with accurate nutritional data for faster, better food logging and calorie coaching.
It’s a user friendly app that makes every movement count in your daily routine.

for iPhone/iPad

Fitbit for Android

Fitbit for Windows phone


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