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Using this tool, reality can be easily mixed with virtual elements. Sony phones has this feature on camera application as additional effect. And now we have this universal app, which is compatible for most of mobile phones.
It’s very easy to use it and it works in very simple but unique way. You just run the application, point your phones camera in the desired area and select the effect. That’s how elf starts dancing on the bed, or skeleton walks in your room. Even dungeon warrior and other mythical creatures or heroes can come to life. The funny thing is that everything you see through the display can be captured as photo and shared with your friends.
However, this application is not aimed just for entertainment, it also helps to clearly see where new furniture or any decoration would fit best in your interior or exterior. Augment developers gives a free 30-day trial with full app functionality where even a paper house project can be seen in full 3D view.
It’s really funny app for children and great
tool for adults.

Augment 3d1 Augment 3d2

Augment for iPhone or iPad

Augment for Android


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