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  1. I’m really stuck. I’m on the LG fortune m153, and when I press the build number nothing pops up.. what do I do??

  2. I have a Rca Tablet with nougat 7.0 I have the andriod keyboard and have two ways to hit help and feedback but when I do nothing happens

  3. hi i have the Alcatel A577VL and it doesn’t give the setting option when i long pressed the @ symbol and it doesn’t give the assist option when i long press the typed letters. What do i do?

  4. When i and hold @ the google setting comes and when i tap 3dots at the top right hand side,help&feedback will apear but when i press or tap it nothing will happen im confused

  5. Martial Rhoades on

    I have the ZTE Grand X3 and I can get to the part where it says Google keyboard help & feedback but it doesn’t go anywhere. Can you please help?

  6. I have a cubot cheetah 2 and once I’ve pressed the @ button and get to the next stage I don’t have Google keyboard settings I have android keyboard settings and that doesn’t bring up the 3 dots is there anything I can do?

  7. What can I do when it show an android keyboard setting with no 3 dots to proceed with step 4 instead of showing the Google keyboard settings

  8. I get to step 9, after that even though i tap repeatadly on build number i cant activate the developer mode, any ideas?

  9. I have a zte z958 with android 5.0.1, I can enable developers options but can open it I have even installed a developers option app still nothing. What can I do to get it to open?

  10. Hie

    when i long press the @ i dont see google keyboard settings , instead i get android keyboard settings. Whats wrong here?

  11. OdiousExorcist84 on

    When I try to select ‘help and feedback” by pressing those 3 dots @ No.5, nothing happens! I don’t get to the next screen as seen on the video? Using Cell C Empire android.

  12. When I long press on the @ symbol, I only see the @ symbol. I do not get the Setup icon. So I can’t follow these instructions at all.

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