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Install TWRP recovery on LG G3 running Lollipop or Marshmallow


There are two ways to install TWRP recovery on LG G3 device. The easiest one is using Flashify app, and the harder one requires minimal knowledge in using ADB driver commands. Even if you don’t know how to use them, just carefully follow our tutorial and you’ll make it.

• LG G3 must be Rooted. This tutorial shows how to get Root.
• In case of using second tutorial, ADB drivers must be installed.
USB Debugging must be enabled on the device. To enable it go to Settings/About phone and keep taping on Build number until you see Developer mode has been turned on. After that go to Settings/Developer Options then check USB Debugging.

Using Flashify app:

  1. Download TWRP recovery.img depending on your LG G3 model.
  2. Place recovery file in to device internal storage (not microSD card).
  3. Download and install Flashify app.
  4. Open Flashify and tap on Recovery image, then Choose a file.
  5. Locate TWRP recovery.img file which was downloaded in step 1 and tap on it.
  6. Select Normal Android Way.
  7. After flashing is complete, tap on Reboot now.
  8. Device will reboot.

Now you have TWRP recovery installed on your LG G3.
To get in to recovery: Turn off the device, push and hold Power + Volume down buttons at the same time. When LG logo show up, keep holding Volume down button and repeatedly press Power button until TWRP logo appear on the screen.
Or you can use Quick Boot app to boot in to recovery without using buttons combination.

Using ADB driver commands:

  1. Download TWRP recovery.img depending on your LG G3 model.
  2. Place recovery file in to device internal storage (not microSD card).
  3. Connect LG G3 to PC via USB cable and select MTP mode.
  4. Open a command prompt window on your computer, and run these commands one at a time (you will get an “out of space” error on the zero part, ignore it).
adb shell
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery
dd if =/sdcard/twrp-

On the last line edit d855 or leave it depending on your phone’s model, make sure it matches the file you downloaded. Capitalization matters.

CMD window should look like this:
LG G3 TWRP recovery CMD
5. Type reboot recovery and hit enter to reboot your device in to TWRP recovery. Type reboot to simply reboot LG G3.

That’s it! Now you have TWRP installed on LG G3.



  1. Unable to boot into Recovery , red+blue led flash …
    is there a uuid mismatch into the bootloader ? need i to flash a new boot.img too ?

  2. There seems to be error in the instructions because it’s written only
    dd if=/sdcard/twrp-
    without of
    I did try with of, like the image below, but still I have error:
    booot certification verification

    • Hello Krasen,

      Instruction works fine. You should use “of” as given, but seems verification error occurs. Can you give us more details about it?

  3. Useless instructions.

    First, if I understand correctly flashify was supposed to modify same file as adb command. It failes miserably at that, as shows WRONG path. Second of all

    Tried manual settings, recovery still fails.

    Asks to reset device, which I do and NOTHING happens. I wonder if its my phone.

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