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Relock Sony bootloader


There are cases when you must relock your device bootloader in order to use your warranty. Otherwise, it can be rejected because of modifications made by user. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to bring back any Sony device bootloader to its factory state. Need to mention, that relock process is far more simple than unlocking bootloader.

Warning: All the information stored in internal memory won’t be deleted, but for safety reasons it’s still recommended to backup your data to device microSD card or PC before starting this tutorial. Otherwise you might lose everything that’s important for you.


  1. Download this Flashtool to PC.
  2. Launch it and click BLU button.Flashtool BLU
  3. Boot Sony into fastboot mode: turn off the device, hold Volume Up or Back button (depending on the model) and connect it to PC via USB cable. Release button after blue light appears on device.Sony fastboot mode
  4. On the popup window choose Relock button.Flashtool relock
  5. After relock process is complete, disconnect Sony from USB.
  6. Just to make sure that bootloader is locked, open dialer and type *#*#7378423#*#* then go to Service info/Configuration/Rooting Status. If you see „Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes“, this means that bootloader is successfully locked.


  1. Flasftool says that my my phone can’t be relocked:S It’s Xperia XA2
    I get WARN – Your device cannot be relocked

    Flashtool version
    Using 64bit WIN 10

  2. phone plugged in and it says it is connected in fastboot on the console window in the program, however, the popup never appeared after I plugged my phone in

  3. the process work fine but my device didnt locked. i did all process even flashtool give me a message that your device is re lock but when i check it was unlock only

  4. Nothing happens after I plug in my device and the blue light appears. There’s no prompt to relock my phone. Can you help me resolve this?

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