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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus IMEI Fix


This tutorial is for users who’ve lost IMEI numbers on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus devices.
In most cases flashing qcn with qpst may not help to restore IMEI’s so that’s why we came with a detailed tutorial helping users fix this issue.


  1. Download Qualcomm drivers and install them onto your PC.
  2. Download and install QPST onto your PC.
  3. Open up the Diagnostics Port on Redmi 5 Plus by opening the dialer app and typing in *#*#717717#*#*
  4. Open the directory in which you installed QPST (Usually this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin) Inside that folder launch QPSTConfig.exe and connect device to PC. Make sure that you opened the Diagnostics port on your phone and that it’s visible in Device Manager as a diagnostics port.
  5. If you see your phone listed in QPSTConfig click on Start Clients and then on Software Download. From there click Backup and Backup your EFS.
  6. Now this is the part where you have to wipe your current EFS because it might be corrupted. To do this, open the dialer app and type in *#*#25327337#*#*
    Xiaomi may reboot during EFS wipe.
  7. Now download and install HxD on your PC.
  8. Download qcn file to your PC.
  9. Open qcn file you downloaded using HxD and search for 088a then click on All and set it to Hex. This will bring you to the first IMEI that you need to change into your own. For example:
  10. Download IMEI converter and launch it on your PC.
  11. Put in IMEI that you found in HxD software and click convert.
  12. Replace the IMEI in HxD with the converted one. Then click F3 or search again and it should show you the second IMEI you need to change in HxD. Put your second IMEI into IMEI converter and repeat the process. Once that is done save the QCN file.
  13. Once this is completed go back into QPST, click on Software Download and then Restore. Then select your edited QCN file that you saved.
  14. Before clicking on start, make sure Allow phone/file ESN mismatch option is selected as shown below.
    Then click start and your phone should start restoring the QCN file.
  15. After the restore is done, reboot Redmi 5 Plus.

Congratulations! You’ve just restored your IMEI. If you did everything correctly your IMEI should show up by typing *#06# into the dialer app.



  1. i flashed my phone but imei gone, then i try to gix imei with other qcn file but the imei not the same as box when first i buy, can this step restore to my own

  2. Kindly help after following all the steps correctly it only changes IMEI 1 to mine but imei 2 remain the same even after successfully editing them to mine .. now after connecting to wifi it is mi account locked.

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