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“Waze” maps and navigation app seems to be one of the craziest Google purchases of the decade.
Right from the start “Waze” was an exceptional application where users were able to captured and reported car crashes, speeding radars and on-road hazards. Later on, Google Maps update rolled out bringing most of the same features in the app.


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Such notice was published in August 2011, whose prospect was quite simple: Despite Google already working with third-party manufacturers on Nexus, company wanted to become a solid player in smartphones business. The idea was to run Motorola as a separate business entirely from the Android project in purpose to compete with Samsung and HTC – two most powerful manufacturers of Android powered phones at the time.,


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After seeing Apple’s success with the iPAD tablet in 2011, Google needed to get on the same train and they had to act quickly, as other manufacturers were preparing to launch their own tablets without a clear OS model.

And so it happened…
At the end of January, Google introduced new interface which included tablet support in Android 3.0 called “Honeycomb”. Users were able to have a landscape mode, discover new notifications and updated display settings. But most importantly, “Honeycomb” rolled out with enough space and freedom for application developers to customize OS bringing their own features into it. The updated Android design with variety of new themes quickly caught smartphones users attention.


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10 years of technological development is a really big period, with a lot of innovations that are practically impossible to see in great detail, so I will not try to do that. But going through the major Google products and services that have changed our daily lives is really worth it.

One of the main huge inventions that forever highly improved whole gameplay was Android operating system release and everything that went along with it. As well as its integration and bunch of applications across platforms that changed the way we use our smartphones till this day.


Often riding a motorcycle, I decided to look for a convenient, easy-to-use app that would record my routes and count distances. So I made a research to find out 3 best performing and highly rated apps that accurately show the most important route data.


Versatile and easy to use GPS navigation that incudes advanced features fitted in a modern design that delivers user friendly environment.
Offline Maps & Navigation seems to be visually a bit different from one of the most popular and widely used GPS apps such as Sygic or iGO, but after some use main differences quickly become apparent.
This navigation application is unique because it’s free for a lifetime and comes with premium class functions included.


About six months ago one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer announced to stop providing Bootloader unlock service.
Which means users won’t be able to flash custom ROM and increase device performance, get rid of OS bugs, install non official or cracked apps, get extra features from unknown sources and so on and so forth.
It’s a really brave step from Huawei making lots of rumors in Android market.


Xiaomi device will end up with error if you’re flashing global ROM on locked bootloader. That’s why it’s very important to have it unlocked so you can manually update your Redmi 5 Plus into global ROM.
Before you begin, keep in mind that after successful registration for bootloader unlock, Xiaomi sets you up with a wait time up to 360 hours. There is currently no way around this and you have to sit it out.


This tutorial is for users who’ve lost IMEI numbers on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus devices.
In most cases flashing qcn with qpst may not help to restore IMEI’s so that’s why we came with a detailed tutorial helping users fix this issue.


After having worst update experience with one of the latest Xiaomi devices, we decided to share some practice with our readers, giving the best solution we found yet.

As you might already know, part of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus releases comes with fake ROM called Miui Global NEGMIEI that can’t be updated over OTA.
Users who tried to make manual update by flashing ROM using Xiaomi Flash tool are now suffering with failed update process which leads to hard bricked device status. Redmi 5 Plus just stuck on boot logo or simply reboots itself countless times.

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