Viber is one of the most popular messaging app that has evolved quite a bit since it was launched in 2010. For today, Viber doesn’t just have the usual features as any messaging app, it takes it even further with the stickers, emoticons and locations that allows users to have more functions as never before. Currently, there are more than 200 million Viber users located in over 193 countries. 200 million people have to be on to something, right?
We’ve put together 10 Viber app tips and tricks just to make you become a power user in no time.


Warning: Recording calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries or states.

Automatic Call Recorder

Record any phone call without time or quality limitations. Set which calls must be recorded and which should be ignored. Playback recorded calls, add notes and share them if there’s a need. Automatic Call Recorder has integration with cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It allows calls to be saved and synchronized with selected storage.


This week Google officially released brand new application that breaks video calling barrier between iPhone and Android devices. Just before we go into details about this app, lets take a brief look at the history of video calling feature.

FaceTime is now six years old, when Apple unveiled the video calling ability in iPhones in 2010. At that time, Steve Jobs said he had dreamed of mobile video calling since he grew up watching “The Jetsons” and “Star Trek.” Apple later expanded FaceTime to work with iPads and Macs, among other Apple products.


Remembering the first Google keyboard versions, which came along with first Android OS releases, now makes us smile. At that time, each key press was not so accurate as compared to iPhone. And it seemed impossible to type two or three words without making a single mistake. Default keyboard had only main features, like switching from letters to symbols or numbers, changing language and etc.


Exclusive and very convenient feature was released along with the recent Google Translate app update. From now on you will be able to use translation in any other application.

Usually in order to find out the meaning of individual words or entire sentence you had to leave the current application and switch to Google Translate to get the required translation.
Now everything becomes easier after the latest Google Translate v5.0 app update. Translator icon will appear at the upper right corner of the screen as soon as you copy single word or whole sentence in incomprehensible language. After clicking on the icon, translated text box will pop up.


This app simplifies your life in the digital world by keeping you even more connected to the people who matter most. As the title says, you can see your family members real-time location whenever you need to.
First time launching Family Locator you will be prompted to invite other person to get this app. That’s how you all get connected in one circle.


Perfect app to find friends, dates, relationships, and everything in between.
Tinder works in very simple and also unique way, app scans for people near your current location and brings up their profiles on mobile screen. If you like the one you see switch to the right, if not, switch to the left.
One of the coolest thing is the distance, which is shown as additional info when sliding through different people photos. Sometimes you get surprised when realizing that the person you are very interested in is only a few minutes drive.

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