Often riding a motorcycle, I decided to look for a convenient, easy-to-use app that would record my routes and count distances. So I made a research to find out 3 best performing and highly rated apps that accurately show the most important route data.


Fitbit is a free app designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. Using Bluetooth 4.0 it wirelessly synchronizes data and puts all the necessary statistics on device screen. Real time and historical stats shows up in easy to understand graphs that helps to track progress and follow your goals. Fitbit also has Live Tile feature, which can be handy for those who wants to follow their steps counter only.
To stay motivated, users can challenge their friends and family members with leaderboards, direct messages, cheers and taunts. Or use app motivational social tools like notifications and badges.
Recently this app database was filled up with more than 350 000 foods that comes with accurate nutritional data for faster, better food logging and calorie coaching.
It’s a user friendly app that makes every movement count in your daily routine.


for iPhone/iPad

Fitbit for Android

Fitbit for Windows phone


Endomondo is designed to track your workouts, provide audio feedback along the way and give you some good advises on how to improve your training to reach better results. It’s a free personal trainer in your pocket that leads and supports in any activity you do. You can access a full training log and analyze your fitness activity. Endomondo makes any sport fun and social, which sometimes is the key for breaking your limits. Sharing your achievements in social network and comparing it with your friends can make you feel even more inspired. Whether it’s an comment from your best friend or colleague, or likes from other friends in your social circle, the positive reinforcement will help you go that extra mile.
It’s one of the best rated sports application with tons of great features that brings very detailed summary after your workout is done.

Endomondo1 Endomondo2 Endomondo3 Endomondo5
Endomondo for iPhone/iPad

Endomondo for Android

Endomondo for Windows Phone

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