Do you ever wondered, how great it would be to record your device screen and share it with your friend? Especially, when someone needs help from a distance in finding or using special features. Or maybe there’s a cool mobile gameplay moments which must be captured and shared on social network?
Then we have just the right tool you need.


This is a great app for those who wants to accurately plan their daily tasks, manage time spent on every work and finally see a summary of all the results. This method was founded by Francesco Cirillo in 1980’s and although in practice it has been used for 36 years, it’s just recently was developed as mobile application.


Using this tool, reality can be easily mixed with virtual elements. Sony phones has this feature on camera application as additional effect. And now we have this universal app, which is compatible for most of mobile phones.
It’s very easy to use it and it works in very simple but unique way. You just run the application, point your phones camera in the desired area and select the effect. That’s how elf starts dancing on the bed, or skeleton walks in your room. Even dungeon warrior and other mythical creatures or heroes can come to life. The funny thing is that everything you see through the display can be captured as photo and shared with your friends.


Probably most of the users are tired of annoying ads which usualy pops up in many different apps. Sometimes it even covers the whole screen, so you have to look for that small close button.
Ads also takes user time and atracts attention by being shown in mobile browser.
We present 2 guides for anyone who wants to get rid it. First one is using an Adblock app. Second is by manually modifying the ad broadcasting file in Android software.

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