Crowned as one of the best rated and most successful online games in the recent years, Apex Legends can now be played on Android phone or tablet by connecting the same PS4 or Xbox controller to mobile device.

Apex Legends installation on the console takes ~ 20GB and each regularly released subsequent update ranging from 10 to 35GB. So how is it possible to launch this awesome game on Android device with such technical requirements?

I’ll explain: The game will be loaded and streamed straight from NVIDIA servers, so you don’t have to do any installations on Android smartphone or tablet and experience high resource usage.
Got interested? Then lets start:

1. Connect PlayStation 4 controller to your smartphone by pressing and holding the PS and Share buttons at the same time till it starts flashing. Xbox controller is connected on the same principle by holding down the Xbox and Bluetooth buttons at the same time. If that doesn’t work for you, here’s a great video showing ​​how to do it:


2. As I mentioned, game will be running on NVIDIA servers, so lets download NVIDIA GeForce NOW application and install it.

3. The bad news is that not all regions are supported by NVIDIA GeForce Now application and if your region is the one, you’ll need to change country/region from which we connect to NVIDIA servers. In this case we need to use Thunder VPN or similar application.
If your region is supported, go straight to step 7.

4. Once you have both apps installed, first run Thunder VPN and select any of the suggested regions to connect.

5. After successful connection, launch GeForce Now. If you don’t have NVIDIA account, you will need to create one then log in to your account.

6. After logging in, GeForce Now game library should show up. Then VPN application can be disconnected and you can continue to use WiFi or mobile cellular data.

7. In GeForce Now search type Apex Legends to find the game you need to run.

That’s it! Enjoy your gameplay.


One of the most popular PC browser game is now available on mobile devices. If you’re the one first time seeing this unusual game, then we’d like to introduce it for you.
In this game main goal is to control your small cell and eat tiny balls or other players cells which makes you grow larger. You must also watch out for other players which are bigger than you, o you will easily become their lunch and loose your growth. Survive and eat long enough is a must if you want to become the biggest cell in the game. conveys the same addictive game play that millions have already enjoyed on PC.

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