A year has come to an end, and it is time to sum up everything. This year was very productive and has brought a lot, but especially successful it was for the mobile gaming and associated releases. A lot of decent and popular games have been introduced in this year. Specifically, a mobile platform has ceased to be a haven for birds and evil monotonous runners. Here, we are going to present to you a selection of best ROM video games of 2016.


Everyone who was enjoying the very first release of this unique and addictive game, can now start having fun with the second part. Once again, available for all mobile devices.

Badland 2 is a superior game to the original, with the potential to surpass it over in terms of quality and amount of additional content. As usual, there’s no big story introduction, you just get into the action and try to survive in order to reach the second level. Whole game action feels continuous because of its perfectly connected chapters, and this definitely makes you lost the sense of time. Gameplay style is basically the same, with those fuzzy silhouetted creatures flapping across the foreground while the beautifully weird backgrounds slowly scroll by. However, this release looks a bit sharper and more colorful with stunning lighting effects, bringing everything to life and making the world feel fascinating.


This unusual game really shows that the worst can happen in any place at any time. There are death scenarios which you didn’t even imagine.
Each player main mission is to protect those adorable and dumb creatures from facing unexpected death. Time is ticking and you need to make your decisions fast. Try to keep your attention on any surroundings that can cause health damage. Each character acts as he wants to, which may lead to deadly snake bite or piranhas attack while standing in the water. Dumb Ways to Die includes 15 hilarious mini games where players are attempting to collect all the charmingly dumb characters. Some levels requires to keep your phone steady or shake it when needed and that’s where the fun begins.


Rayman succeeded its way to the top right after the first release for consoles. After a while it became available for PC’s. And today we are free to enjoy this addictive and fun game on our mobile devices. Isn’t that great?!

If you ever played it on PlayStation, Xbox or PC, then you’re already familiar with this game action and whole scenario. That’s why Rayman should only be introduced for players who haven’t tried it yet.
So what is it about? Well, it’s hard to describe in a short way. The easiest way to understand it, is by taking a look at this game trailer or simply trying it by yourself.

Game includes 4 different characters to choose from. They don’t have any special powers and that’s a good thing. Because game is fast and there wouldn’t be enough time to use them. All characters has the same abilities like running, jumping and hitting the enemies. Controls just couldn’t be much easier.
After selecting one, you will dive into amazing adventures through legendary worlds full of quests to rescue the Incrediballs. So the main mission is to seek out and collect all of the Incrediballs to bring them back home.
Each gameplay delivers great experience and exciting mix between action and exploration. Rayman comes with a great graphics where each level is filled with gorgeous visuals.

Rayman Adventures1 Rayman Adventures3Rayman Adventures2Rayman Adventures4

Rayman Adventures for Android

Rayman Adventures for iPhone/iPad


Exciting mystery and adventure type of game that requires to use your brain when trying to overcome a variety of challenges.
From the first moments of The Cave, every player will be fascinated by great video graphics and precise sound effects reflecting to every action made. Whole game scenario quite unusual, because you’ll need to choose 3 of 7 characters. Every each of them has their own unusual powers and abilities. Selected heroes will go in to speaking cave where lot’s of various challenges will be waiting.
We recommend that you carefully listen to all the speakings of the cave and stories of the characters you meet. Most of the stories are short and has their own meaning as a hidden clue, which helps to find the right solution in different situations. Whole gameplay leads funny expressions and phrases from the cave, usually making you smile.
We must say that controls is not so precise and simple to use, but after a while you just get used to it.
All in all T
he Cave is really fun and engaging game. We recommend to test your intelligence trying to reveal the full story of mystical cave.

The Cave5The Cave2The Cave3The Cave6

The Cave
usually costs from 2.66 to 4.55€, but we give it for free!

Installation tutorial for Android:
1. Download The Cave app to PC or straight to mobile device.
2. Depending on the device CPU, download game package. Device processor information can be found in Settings/About Phone/Processor information
3. After download, extract file package and place it in Android/obb folder.
4. Launch the app and install The Cave.
The Cave for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Game Connection” association rewarded Badland as one of the best project in mobile game history. It was marked as completely unconventional and unique scenario game. We must approve that it’s one of those addictive games which you just can’t simply turn off even after completing just first level.
Rules are simple, cause all you need to do is keep the mystical flying creature in the air without allowing him to fall behind the moving landscape. In some cases you just must grab that energy balls which can suddenly change characters size or even multiply it from two to whole army little monsters. The bigger you become, the more effort you have to give in order to remain in the air. The size also gives huge advantage when breaking through random obstacles along the way. Players will also discover energy balls that reduces monster size. This helps when you reach tight spaces in which character must fit in to.
Game environment is not the coziest, but it is fascinating and the whole sounds perfectly reflects every movement and contact with different objects.

Badland1 Badland2 Badland3 Badland4

Badland for Android

Badland for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad


Great western video game with excellent graphics. For players who loves those times landscapes, clothing styles and ancient weapons. The action in the game takes place pretty quickly and in order to survive, you have to respond instantly. Movement and shooting controls are very accurate so it’s easily to deal with more enemy. For those who have no skills in action or shooting games, we suggest to spend some time for aiming practice. Magnetic targeting effect gives a hand for quickly taking sight of the enemy. Each player is given 40 missions and 19 different weapons to unlock depending on the achievements they receive. The first weapons wont be so powerful and accurate, besides reloading them will require more time. However, during the game each better and more accurate weapon brings more joy when comparing with the first ones.

Six-guns2 Six-guns3 Six-guns4Six-guns1

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for Android

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for iPhone/iPad

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