Train your ninja! Learn your fighter new tricks and super special ninja moves. Impress his Sensei and earn new ninja belts on your way to find Kira. You’ll be amazed how much fun you can have with over 70 unique interactive items including trampolines, punch bags, ball guns, a chicken, a squirrel and even more. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants with his ninja. Train him, throw him, tickle him and even tie balloons to your fighter to get random experience points.


Pacific Wings

Back in the day, this game was called ‘1941’. You play as a fighter pilot who controls the plane and tries to avoid enemy by shooting their planes down. During the game play, players also collects power-ups that increases plane fire rate and adds more bullets in every singe shoot. Each level main goal is to reach final destination.
On the top of the screen there are useful numbers showing how much points player has earned at the moment and what percentage of the current level is completed.


Daddy Long Legs is the endless walker that needs your help. You take control of every step he make by putting one leg in front of the other and trying not to fall. The goal of Daddy Long Legs is very simple, walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longer than the rest of your body, walking becomes a real challenge.
Controls are very simple. Every step is made with a tap on the screen. That’s how you switch legs and make movement. During the gameplay, players can unlock different costumes that makes walking look funny or fabulous.


This game might not be so easy as it look. You need to have a great reaction and follow the colors matching your ball. Every player goal is to move the ball through variety of figures in different colors. Each figure you pass is counted as one point, so your total score will depend on the way you made trying to reach the top. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your ball, especially after capturing colorful circle. At that time your ball color may change and then you must look for the compatible colors on every second move.


Another one addictive game with beautiful graphics. Everyone can play it, cause all you need to do is to jump on the colored cubes to blow them up, and make as many beautiful splashes of ink on the ground as you can. Collect gems to unlock new colors and share your splash picture with your friends. If you like blue color, you definitely will enjoy the whole environment. It’s a great time killing game, so be careful with it.


Simply wonderful and very addictive game which sets your mind free. This one is suitable for all age groups.
After the first time launching this game you instantly realize what you have to do. Each player has only one mission – to reach its personal best score trying to build a highest tower from the blocks. Well, those blocks are flying and that’s where the fun begins.


Fun game that delivers you a hungry shark senses. Controls are fairly simple, so all you need to do is to keep shark swimming to the right direction so he can eat different types of fish as much as possible. In this way players collect shark points which unlocks a variety of accessories and offer not just a unique appearance, but also a specific powers, such as body armor vest which makes shark more resistant to bombs floating in the ocean depths and so on.

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