School Bus Demolition Derby

Compared to the other similar games, this one somehow has the highest ranking in Google Play store.
If you love to control big cars off the road and compete in some good old demolition derby events across the country, then this game is just what you’ve been looking for. There’s a selection of paint jobs and vehicle upgrades available. As usual, vehicle upgrades gives more performance in movement and helps to compete better. As you might already know, main goal is to smash your opponents to rubble. Just don’t forget to void other competitors hitting your bus, cause the damage made can’t be restored during the gameplay.

School bus demotilion1 School bus demotilion2 School bus demotilion3 School bus demotilion4
School Bus Demolition Derby
for Android

School Bus Demolition Derby for iOS

World of Derby

At first sight, this game looks and feels amazing with its realistic, detailed graphics.
Every hit taken can damage separate parts of the vehicle. As an example, if you get ram into the open side door, you might lose them. Even a straight hit into the wheel can crack it and make your car worthless during the derby race. Opponents are powerful and intelligent enough to escape from your crash tactics, that’s why whole gameplay gets very intense and addictive at the same time. For those, who think that they can’t be beaten, we suggest to try special game mode called “Against everyone”. World of Derby also includes large assortment of car upgrades, different unique arenas and various weather conditions.

World of Derby1 World of Derby2 World of Derby3 World of Derby4
World of Derby
for Android

World of Derby for iOS

World of Derby for Windows Phone

Demolition Derby
Crash Racing

As the download rating proves, this one is definitely the most popular demolition derby game. Despite of its greatness, creators are still working on this project to make it even better. And gamers should be happy about it, cause update with multiplayer mode is coming soon!
Game offers various tracks and events across the nation for endless racing and destruction driving pleasure. As the title says, there are two types of gameplay available.
Traditional demolition derby events in an arena, is where all drivers start in opposite directions and the goal is to smash the other cars trying to stay the last man standing to win the race. To boost the damage on an rival you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using the nitro boost.
Crash racing takes place on speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge and experience. Best players should seek to complete all tracks with the full 3 stars.
Be sure to buy performance upgrades wisely as the various type of events require different cars. Use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance or engine upgrades to boost your speed, push and pulling power. Good results let you earn more money during races.
Go ahead and join the ultimate demolition derby game experience.

Demolition Derby Crash Racing3 Demolition Derby Crash Racing4 Demolition Derby Crash Racing1 Demolition Derby Crash Racing2
Demolition Derby Crash Racing
for Android

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for iOS

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for Windows Phone


Have you ever get bored in a single player racing games? If so, then this joyful game is just for you.
Race Day gives an opportunity for each player to compete against friends or random opponents in multiplayer mode. Up to four players can join a session. It’s a fun and physics based real-time racing game where races are short and intense. During the race, each driver will face many barriers which can be passed through in a different ways. Every obstacle on the road may give you more advantage or slow down your car depending on the decisions made. Sometimes it’s hard to decide whenever to speed up and easily jump through road slope or increase the speed by landing in to it and keeping all wheels sticked on the track.
And yeah, those power-ups might help you to win the race, so try not to miss them.
This game also includes some cool features like ability to chat with opponents or record and share the best action moments.

Race Day1  Race Day4Race Day3 Race Day2

Race Day for iPhone

Race Day for Android

Race Day for BlackBerry


Inspired by well known “Death Race” movie, developers team “PEGI 16” brings all the action on mobile devices. Game is just stunning with realistic graphics, that’s why you get involved so quickly. Whole scenario is based on the simple rules – kill or be killed. All you must do is to compete in every challenge and try to survive by fighting back. Take corners faster by drifting and you will be awarded with additional points. And try to be more accurate while using mounted guns. Those last shots which blown up your opponent will be shown in slow motion.
Game includes 12 vehicles to choose from and 4 different play modes: story, daily, ladder and challenge. But we still miss multiplayer mode, which would give lots of joy especially for players who likes to challenge their friends.

Death Race1 Death Race2 Death Race3Death Race4

Death Race for iPhone

Death Race for Android


If there was a time when you enjoyed that legendary game called Twisted Metal, then you definitely will like this one. It’s a cool demolition racing game filled with action and special effects. Beautiful graphics wont let you down.
There’s a plenty of different cars to choose from and every vehicle can be upgraded by changing it’s parts, such as engine, body kit and so on. The most awesome part of this game is ability to fix your car with killer weapons. If you’re a good racer and a great killer, even more cars and weapons will be unlocked during a game play.
Sadly there’s no multiplayer feature, which would be great for that kind of game. Well, the good thing is that single player campaign has lots of missions, so you won’t get bored.

Death Tour1 Death Tour2 Death Tour3Death Tour4

Death Tour for iPhone

Death Tour for Android

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