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Versatile and easy to use GPS navigation that includes advanced features fitted in a modern design that delivers user friendly environment.
Offline Maps & Navigation seems to be visually a bit different from one of the most popular and widely used GPS apps such as Sygic or iGO, but after some use main differences quickly become apparent.
This navigation application is unique because it’s free for a lifetime and comes with premium class functions included.


You may already know about all the inherent Sygic GPS navigation features that are listed below. The main difference between Sygic free version and Sygic Premium 16.2.10 is that Premium comes with unlocked dash cam, head-up display and live traffic features.
Head-up display perfectly reflects navigation on windshield, so you don’t need to take a glance at device screen. This also helps to keep your attention on the road and stay focused on driving.
Dash cam is another great feature that replaces any road video recorder. Video recording starts in the background right after you tap on dash cam icon in menu section. All videos are saved in Android gallery, making them easy to access and share when needed.


We’re happy to present you the next generation of iGO Navigation, that comes in whole new design, strongly improved UI and is perfectly optimized for mobile devices as never before. It also runs faster and much smoother compared with earlier iGO Primo 9.6 release. Improved visualization, accelerated route calculation, reduced storage space requirements and advanced offline features, makes iGO your best copilot while you’re behind the wheel.


Another great free GPS navigation for all mobile devices!
It works offline by downloading maps straight to your mobile phone, so there’s no need for a data connection. You’ll be impressed with the highly detailed 3D maps visualization and ease of use. Sygic has one exclusive feature we haven’t seen yet on any other GPS software. It’s a head-up display mode that projects your route onto your windshield. This really helps to keep drivers attention on the road all the time. Just look at more Sygic features below.


Light and simple GPS navigation app with basic features. It’s nice to feel how smooth you can scroll through detailed map and find tons of points of interest using search button. Using My Places you can mark your favorite locations or travel destinations. If you are going somewhere without destination point, map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving. You can also share your favorite places with friends via email or add bookmarks from other maps.


Free voice guided GPS navigation app with over 20 million users world wide and it just keeps getting better and better with every update.

Navmii features on-board Open Street Map (OSM) maps, which are stored on your device and therefore requires no data connection. This always helps to avoid high roaming costs when going abroad.
It’s very simple to user, even with all these extra features which could be found in preferences. You can mark police or speed cam location straight on the road and in that way collect your own information. Or you can buy safety cameras package for current country.


Great GPS software from Garmin which transform your mobile phone into a mobile navigation device with a variety of useful functions which usually can’t be found on basic GPS application. If you’re looking for simple and easy to use GPS software, Navigon is what you need.


Popular all over the world and widely known TomTom navigation from now on your Android phone or tablet. Outstanding in ease of use with very detailed route information and strong tracking accuracy, TomTom will help you to reach your final destination, no matter where you decide to go. It’s the app that drivers can rely on.

Distinguished by it’s simplicity in use and minimum capacity requirements, available for any android device the City Maps 2Go Pro navigation! It doesn’t require any wifi or mobile internet data traffic.
It is exceptionally convenient when your phone doesn’t have a lot of free internal storage or powerful processor. Basically most of the storage required by this GPS software depends on the maps you download. For example Lithuania country maps takes just 120MB.

Free and exclusively user friendly GPS software that doesn’t require Root. It’s compatible with any android device and doesn’t need any kind of internet or wireless connection to use it. That’s why users don’t have to worry about extra roaming fees when traveling abroad.

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