Oreo 8.0 is the most comprehensive version of Android as there has ever been. According to Google, it’s the most stable, feature rich and functional OS platform for mobile devices.
While on the surface it may lack major visual changes, what lies beneath is filled with impressive usability improvements and stunning future functionalities.


Android 7.0 N Beta is now out, and the official public release is expected this summer. It’s Google’s 7th generation OS update for Android devices and the company is now more than a halfway through the English alphabet.
History shows that Android N is going to be named after a delicious treat. And it seems that this time Google doesn’t know which dessert based name to give for this latest mobile platform.
As usual, we are giving everything we know about the forthcoming Android N update, this time including all news from Google I/O 2016. So lets head into detailed review to find out what’s new.


The Limitless v1.1 custom ROM is based on Marshmallow 6.0 and it’s intended for LG G3 devices only. Limitless ROM includes plenty of cool features like ability to choose different Kernels and Modem files using Aroma installer. LG G3 users can easily turn their mobile phones in to LG G5 by installing this custom ROM, which really looks like stock LG G5 ROM.


Crdroid custom ROM is based on CyanogenMod with some extra new features which comes useful.

Marshmallow 6.0 Crdroid custom ROM features:


At the end of 2015 Google started rolling out a brand new Android 6th generation OS called “Marshmallow”. It’s not surprising to know that all the Android versions have distinctive names of sweets and seems like this tradition is maintained. The main questions comes out – will it be better than the 5th generation of the Lollipop? And is it worth to update? We’ll go through detailed review of this brand new Marshmallow OS hoping that all key features will answer to those questions on their own.


As most of android users already know 5.0 Lollipop update is rolling out in full force, starting with the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 alongside with the HTC One (M8) and LG G3. The Lollipop updates are hitting US carriers too, meaning it won’t be long until you get your first taste of Lollipop if you haven’t yet. Here’s what we currently know about when Android 5.0 Lollipop update can be expected depending on the phone you have.


Most of android users who is tracking all the news might already know that Google released latest 5.0 version of Android wich was called Lollipop. Now it’s only available on new Nexus phones and Nexus tablets, but the good news is that Google also promising 5.0 update to all Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other manufacturers latest models. Till then we made a review of the main upgraded and some brand new features of Lollipop 5.0

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