Xiaomi device will end up with error if you’re flashing global ROM on locked bootloader. That’s why it’s very important to have it unlocked so you can manually update your Redmi 5 Plus into global ROM.
Before you begin, keep in mind that after successful registration for bootloader unlock, Xiaomi sets you up with a wait time up to 360 hours. There is currently no way around this and you have to sit it out.


This tutorial is for users who’ve lost IMEI numbers on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus devices.
In most cases flashing qcn with qpst may not help to restore IMEI’s so that’s why we came with a detailed tutorial helping users fix this issue.


After having worst update experience with one of the latest Xiaomi devices, we decided to share some practice with our readers, giving the best solution we found yet.

As you might already know, part of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus releases comes with fake ROM called Miui Global NEGMIEI that can’t be updated over OTA.
Users who tried to make manual update by flashing ROM using Xiaomi Flash tool are now suffering with failed update process which leads to hard bricked device status. Redmi 5 Plus just stuck on boot logo or simply reboots itself countless times.


Have you ever been in crowded public place where someone receives message in FB Messenger and you wonder if it’s you who got one? Or maybe it often happens when you hang out with your friends and each of them is still using default Facebook notification sounds?
If so, then this quick and simple tutorial is just for you.

Compared with other Huawei P9 Lite tutorials, this is one of the easiest way for users, who want to manually update Huawei P9 Lite into the latest Android OS version.
Just carefully follow those 9 steps to get it done.

Huawei devices are easy to brick by making a single mistake during the manual upgrade, especially when flashing wrong ROM via TWRP recovery or cmd. Probably that’s the reason why you’re reading this tutorial right now.
Great news is that we’re going to help and all you need to do is to follow the tutorial given below.


Today smartphones are one of the most valuable devices and it’s not the price that we’re going to talking about. It’s your personal information stored in one device, which you use everywhere you go and always have it nearby no matter what you do.
Usually data stored inside is so important, that it can’t be priced in any currency or it’s numbers. Lots of the users starts to think about their photos and videos, but only some of us realize how many services are linked with mobile phone. No need to mention POI (Point Of Interest) or route history saved by default in Maps app, like some background data in other apps, which in most of the cases we’re unable to control. But that’s another topic to discuss.


Samsung has released the update for Galaxy Note 7 devices that limits battery charging to 60 and later to 30% also bringing recall message on the screen. This basically makes Galaxy Note 7 unusable and force users to return their phones so they can get money back. Please read this article for more.
This is the main reason why we decided to make tutorial which removes battery charging limitation and unlinks smartphone from Samsung’s future updates, so users can enjoy having Note 7 devices independent and without any restrictions.

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