March 4, 2018


Have you ever been in crowded public place where someone receives message in FB Messenger and you wonder if it’s you who got one? Or maybe it often happens when you hang out with your friends and each of them is still using default Facebook notification sounds?
If so, then this quick and simple tutorial is just for you.

February 2, 2018


That’s one unique project game merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.
Your main job is to build bridges, ramps, slides and other constructions in 60 test chambers and get the Bendies safely across the finish line in their vehicles.

January 30, 2018


Save your money by keeping records of all personal debts, credits, bills and loans in this single app. IOU is simple enough to be used on the go by friends, coworkers or roommates with shared expenses. It’s also powerful enough to be a good assistant for freelancers and small businesses.
If you often lend some money to anybody, this app definitely won’t let you to forget about current amount and the person who is in debt.

January 25, 2018


1Password creates strong, unique passwords for every site and app, but probably the best thing is that it remembers them all for you and logs you in with a single tap using the built-in browser or 1Password Keyboard. The only password you need to remember is a single Master Password to get into the application that stores them all. Every password is encrypted using authenticated AES-256 encryption, so you definitely don’t have to worry about your private accounts security while browsing web.

January 15, 2018


Using Xender app you can easily share any type of files in any place at any time between different OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, PC or Mac.

Xender uses Wi-Fi connection, so compared with Bluetooth, it makes up to 200 times faster transfer where the highest speed can reach 40Mb/s. There’s also no limitation to file size which makes simple to share even huge videos. Another great thing is that Xender has smart switch feature to transfer most important data like contacts, SMS or even whole backup files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.

January 9, 2018


Here’s a little present for our followers and readers who enjoys free music. This cracked Spotify Premium release basically has all the Premium features with no monthly payment.
Before downloading and installing Spotify Premium v8.4.33.536, we strongly recommend to uninstall current Spotify version from your device, if there’s one.

January 16, 2017


Android Marshmallow and Nougat OS has a trash folder for deleted photos, just in case one day you decide to recover some of them. Naturally, deleted images that are stored in trash folder requires extra memory space from Android device and that’s the main reason why most users decide to empty photo gallery trash folder. Or maybe there’s some images you simply want to be completely removed from your phone, so neither you, nor anyone else will be able to access them.
It’s all good until you don’t feel a strong need to recover any of completely deleted photos. But there are cases when deleted images later become very valuable. Those who’ve been in this kind of situation, actually knows how it feels.
Now, the great news is, we have a solution for you and we’re ready to share a free app that recovers even completely deleted images, movies and other type of files straight on Android device. The app is free and no Root is required. However, rooted devices may get more comprehensive search results.

  • Basic app version recovers these files: jpg, mp4, png.
  • Pro version includes many extra type of files: mp3, gif, wav, amr, tif, cr2, sr2. nef, dcr, pef, dng, orf, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, zip, docx, xlsx, pptx, xps, odt, ods, odp, odg, apk, epub, snb, rar, vcf.

Note: Some photos quality might not the same as the original files, but they are good enough to be viewed and for someone which almost lost them, they are gold!


  1. Download DiscDigger basic app or Pro version, depending on type of files you need to recover.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. Before selecting the storage remember, that most of the files are located in data folder. But in some cases you may also found necessary files in cache and system folders.
  4. After selecting the storage, choose which type of files you want to look for.
  5. When the scan is finished, select which files you want to recover and tap on three dot icon on the top right.
  6. Choose Recover selected files and select the storage where you want your files to be saved.
  7.  DiskDigger also includes some great extra features, letting users to upload recovered files into Dropbox, Google Drive or send via email.

That’s it! Hit share button if you enjoyed this quick tutorial and recovered your lost files on Android.



October 11, 2016


Viber is one of the most popular messaging app that has evolved quite a bit since it was launched in 2010. For today, Viber doesn’t just have the usual features as any messaging app, it takes it even further with the stickers, emoticons and locations that allows users to have more functions as never before. Currently, there are more than 200 million Viber users located in over 193 countries. 200 million people have to be on to something, right?
We’ve put together 10 Viber app tips and tricks just to make you become a power user in no time.

Smart Notifications

By default, you keep on receiving every single notification sent by your friend, even if that person sent them consecutively. Sometimes can you find that annoying or distracting. Turning on the Smart Notifications feature will let Viber combine those messages into one notification instead. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Enter the chat where you want to enable smart notifications and swipe to the left.
  2. Tap on Smart Notifications to enable it.

Quick switch between conversations

Instead of going to the app’s main page every single time you want to switch chat rooms, there’s a easier and quicker way to do that.

  1. Enter any chat and swipe to the right of your device screen.
  2. It’ll bring all your active chat rooms and you can easily switch to a different chat room by tapping on your friend/group chat name.

Block and unblock contact numbers

If there’s a person on Viber that you don’t want to get in contacting with, there’s an option to him to the block list. Contacts that are in your block list will not be able to have a conversation with your or call you using Viber. To block and unblock your mobile contact, follow these steps:

Block contact number:

  1. Enter the conversation screen between you and the person that you want to block, swipe to the left and tap on the Navicon at the top right.
  2. Select Block to block that person.

Unblock contact number:

  1. Go to main menu and tap on the navicon at the bottom.
  2. Choose Settings/Privacy/Block List.
  3. Tap on Unblock beside the Phone Number/Contact Name.

Hide Seen and Online status

There are moments when you don’t really want people to know when you are Online or have you Seen their message. Features shown below will give you a little bit more privacy.

Hiding Seen status:

  1. Tap on navicon and choose Settings.
  2. Tap on Privacy and untick Send ‘Seen’ Status.

Hiding Online status:
Note: This feature can only be turned on/off once every 24 hours.

  1. Tap on navicon and select Settings.
  2. Next tap on Privacy and untick Share ‘Online’ Status.

Hide chats

Hide a single or group chat from your Viber chats screen so that only you can access it with your secret PIN. When you open your chats screen, hidden chats will not be displayed.

For iOS:

  1. Open the Chats screen.
  2. Click on the chat you wish to hid.
  3. Click on the Viber user’s name.
  4. Select Chat Info & Settings or just swipe your screen to the left.
  5. Select Hide this chat and set the 4-digit secret PIN.

For Android:

  1. Open the Chats screen
  2. Click on the chat you wish to hide
  3. Click on the Viber user’s name
  4. Click on the 3 dots button up right
  5. Select Chat Info
  6. Select Hide this chat and set the 4-digit secret PIN.

Hiding a chat from your Viber Chats screen:

  1. Open Chats tab.
  2. iOS devices: Swipe the chat to the left and click Hide
  3. Android devices: Long hold on the chat and click Hide Chat

Manage Notifications

There are cases when you want to make sure you don’t receive any notifications from Viber, especially when you’re at important meeting. For this reason, Viber has a notifications section where users can enable or disable different notification features for their own need. To know where to look for, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Notifications.
  2. Here you can turn off every notification related feature, such as Show message preview, Contact Joined Viber, New Message Popup, and Light screen for messages.

Alternatively, you can also turn off Viber notification by going to the phone Settings/Apps/Viber and untick Show notifications.

Delete single messages in a conversation

If you don’t want a certain messages to be seen in a conversation, you can simply erased them from the chat. You should know that whatever messages you’ve deleted will only be removed on your device and it will remain on your friend’s device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enter any chat and look for the messages that you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold on the message, then choose Delete.
    You can also tap on the navicon and choose Edit Messages.
    Then tick on the messages that you want to delete and tap on the bin icon at the bottom right.

Change WiFi usage

By default, Viber will always keep WiFi active on your device to prevent you from going offline. If you prefer it to follow the default sleep policy your device, then follow these steps to change the WiFi usage:

  1. Tap on the navicon and go to Settings/General and then tap on Wi-Fi sleep policy.
  2. Next, tap on Use device’s settings.

Doodle on any photo

Viber has another cool feature that lets users doodle on any photo that is available on the device. Whether it’s received from your friends on Viber or if it’s a picture taken with your smartphone camera, you can still use the Viber Doodle feature following these steps:

  1. Tap on any photos that you received on Viber app, and tap on the navicon then choose Doodle on this photo.
  2. You can have fun with brush options, eraser, colors or change to a different photo in the Doodle editor.
  3. Once you’re done, tap on SEND to send your doodle to any of your Viber contacts.

Access conversation gallery

It’s hard to find the current photo you’re looking for without going through your chat history. Especially when you have plenty of them shared with your friends on Viber. That’s where Conversation Gallery feature comes in. It lets you specifically go through the photos and videos shared between you and your friends. To access the Conversations Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Enter any chat where you’ve shared photos and videos before, then swipe to the left side of your screen.
  2. Choose Conversations Gallery then swipe left and right to switch between photos/videos.

September 17, 2016


I wish I had this app when I was a teenager. Math would be much easier to solve or just to match the results. The solutions are explained step by step in a very clearly way, so everyone could understand equations sequences. This app acts like a teacher when doing homework. Students using Photomath shouldn’t only target for the final results of every task, but to follow the main equation solving idea. That’s the only way to learn and improve your math skills.
The only problem is that it does not recognize handwriting, which might help a lot when solving rare tasks. But there’s no need to worry, cause according to developers this feature is coming soon.
All the teachers that calls Photomath “cheating” should remember, that it’s not cheating if you’re learn from it.

Photomath for iPhone/iPad

Photomath for Android

Photomath for Windows Phone

August 6, 2016


5s GIF

Simple to use app that lets you easily create animated GIFs from photos and videos on your device or search among thousands of popular animated GIFs via Giphy library. You are free to save any GIF founded in app library straight to your device. 5s GIF even lets you merge GIFs together and make one short animation story. There are some extra cool features like colorful effects selection and ability to add text or stickers that makes personal GIF unique and exclusive. Just don’t forget to set the right speed of an animation before sharing your creations via email, SMS or publishing it on social networks.

5s GIF
5s GIF1
5s GIF2
5s GIF3
5s GIF4

5s GIF
for iPhone/iPad

5s GIF for Android


Another great app that helps to express yourself in motion, but this one can make GIF straight from your device camera. GifBoom includes video editing tools that can rotate GIFs or change animation speed while in live preview mode. All users are free to join huge GifBoom creators community at to share their own GIFs and receive likes, comments or other feedback from project members.
After the latest update, GifBoom now includes up to 60 different frames that makes GIF more playful and supports add and play Music feature which you won’t find on any other similar application.


for iPhone/iPad

GifBoom for Android

GifBoom for BlackBerry

Gif Maker

Light and user friendly app with necessary settings only. Using Gif Maker you can also create beautiful photo collages and share them with your friends. Shooting GIF is easy, just launch the application and you’ll find all main control buttons on one screen. Tap on the X button at the top right to select Close Shooting mode or switch to front facing camera by turning on Self-Shot mode. Gif Maker lets you capture from 10 to 50 photos and choose video recording between 5 to 25 seconds for a single GIF creation.

Gif Maker
Gif Maker1
Gif Maker4
Gif Maker5
Gif Maker6

Gif Maker
for iPhone/iPad

Gif Maker for Android

Gif Maker for Windows Phone


May 1, 2016


School Bus Demolition Derby

Compared to the other similar games, this one somehow has the highest ranking in Google Play store.
If you love to control big cars off the road and compete in some good old demolition derby events across the country, then this game is just what you’ve been looking for. There’s a selection of paint jobs and vehicle upgrades available. As usual, vehicle upgrades gives more performance in movement and helps to compete better. As you might already know, main goal is to smash your opponents to rubble. Just don’t forget to void other competitors hitting your bus, cause the damage made can’t be restored during the gameplay.

School bus demotilion1 School bus demotilion2 School bus demotilion3 School bus demotilion4
School Bus Demolition Derby
for Android

School Bus Demolition Derby for iOS

World of Derby

At first sight, this game looks and feels amazing with its realistic, detailed graphics.
Every hit taken can damage separate parts of the vehicle. As an example, if you get ram into the open side door, you might lose them. Even a straight hit into the wheel can crack it and make your car worthless during the derby race. Opponents are powerful and intelligent enough to escape from your crash tactics, that’s why whole gameplay gets very intense and addictive at the same time. For those, who think that they can’t be beaten, we suggest to try special game mode called “Against everyone”. World of Derby also includes large assortment of car upgrades, different unique arenas and various weather conditions.

World of Derby1 World of Derby2 World of Derby3 World of Derby4
World of Derby
for Android

World of Derby for iOS

World of Derby for Windows Phone

Demolition Derby
Crash Racing

As the download rating proves, this one is definitely the most popular demolition derby game. Despite of its greatness, creators are still working on this project to make it even better. And gamers should be happy about it, cause update with multiplayer mode is coming soon!
Game offers various tracks and events across the nation for endless racing and destruction driving pleasure. As the title says, there are two types of gameplay available.
Traditional demolition derby events in an arena, is where all drivers start in opposite directions and the goal is to smash the other cars trying to stay the last man standing to win the race. To boost the damage on an rival you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using the nitro boost.
Crash racing takes place on speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge and experience. Best players should seek to complete all tracks with the full 3 stars.
Be sure to buy performance upgrades wisely as the various type of events require different cars. Use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance or engine upgrades to boost your speed, push and pulling power. Good results let you earn more money during races.
Go ahead and join the ultimate demolition derby game experience.

Demolition Derby Crash Racing3 Demolition Derby Crash Racing4 Demolition Derby Crash Racing1 Demolition Derby Crash Racing2
Demolition Derby Crash Racing
for Android

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for iOS

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for Windows Phone

April 2, 2016


Have you ever get bored in a single player racing games? If so, then this joyful game is just for you.
Race Day gives an opportunity for each player to compete against friends or random opponents in multiplayer mode. Up to four players can join a session. It’s a fun and physics based real-time racing game where races are short and intense. During the race, each driver will face many barriers which can be passed through in a different ways. Every obstacle on the road may give you more advantage or slow down your car depending on the decisions made. Sometimes it’s hard to decide whenever to speed up and easily jump through road slope or increase the speed by landing in to it and keeping all wheels sticked on the track.
And yeah, those power-ups might help you to win the race, so try not to miss them.
This game also includes some cool features like ability to chat with opponents or record and share the best action moments.

Race Day1  Race Day4Race Day3 Race Day2

Race Day for iPhone

Race Day for Android

Race Day for BlackBerry

March 30, 2016


One of the most popular PC browser game is now available on mobile devices. If you’re the one first time seeing this unusual game, then we’d like to introduce it for you.
In this game main goal is to control your small cell and eat tiny balls or other players cells which makes you grow larger. You must also watch out for other players which are bigger than you, o you will easily become their lunch and loose your growth. Survive and eat long enough is a must if you want to become the biggest cell in the game. conveys the same addictive game play that millions have already enjoyed on PC.
The best part of this game is ability to go straight to the action and compete with your friends or other players in online mode whenever you want. After you grow big enough, your movements become significantly slower. That’s when splitting power helps to catch smaller and faster cells. It’s also possible to use shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players or avoid them when needed.
Just remember that splitting or shrinking will decrease your size and make you more vulnerable.

Agario3Agario1 Agario2 Agario4 for iPhone for Android for Blackberry for Windows Phone

March 17, 2016


This app simplifies your life in the digital world by keeping you even more connected to the people who matter most. As the title says, you can see your family members real-time location whenever you need to.
First time launching Family Locator you will be prompted to invite other person to get this app. That’s how you all get connected in one circle.
One of the greatest feature we must exclude is the ability to set any location and get notification when your family member got there. Now it’s simple to know when your child got home or did he get to school on time.
There’s some great additional features which can make things even more easier. Live chat function lets you text with each other without going in to the other app. You can even create a group chat.
Make and use shopping list when going in to the store. It’s visible to all members at the real-time so they can expand it and check every product they get.
And remember, that this app can also help you to find a lost device.

Family Locator1 Family Locator2 Family Locator3 Family Locator4 Family Locator5

Family Locator for Android

Family Locator for iPhone

Family Locator for Windows Phone

Family Locator for Blackberry

February 2, 2016


SIM card can be cut for free in any mobile operator office, but there are situations when you must do it by yourself. And in this case, it is better to do it correctly, because otherwise it can be easily damaged and all the contacts stored in it will be lost.
Everything is simple if another Micro or Nano SIM is nearby, then it could be used as an example of the required size. If there is none, we really do not recommend to cut without seeing current dimensions.
Down below you’ll find a scheme, which will help to mark the appropriate size depending on the type of SIM card you need. It’s recommended to print whole scheme and put the card you want to cut on the center of the necessary dimensions. If there’s no printer around, then SIM can be placed directly on the tablet or laptop screen to mark required measurements. To the left there are docked examples of the Nano and Micro SIM cards. The main SIM chip is located in the center of the microscheme (scheme 4th step on the right), but it’s still not recommended to damage any of the SIM metal frame sides.

SIM cut

January 28, 2016


Fun game that delivers you a hungry shark senses. Controls are fairly simple, so all you need to do is to keep shark swimming to the right direction so he can eat different types of fish as much as possible. In this way players collect shark points which unlocks a variety of accessories and offer not just a unique appearance, but also a specific powers, such as body armor vest which makes shark more resistant to bombs floating in the ocean depths and so on. After the modifications are made, shark’s appearance can be saved by taking a funny picture and sharing it with your friends or other players. It should be noted that feeding shark with a variety of ocean creatures he grows and the bigger he becomes, the bigger fishes can be caught.

Hungry_shark4 Hungry_shark5Hungry_shark2 Hungry_shark6

Hungry Shark for Android

Hungry Shark for iPhone

Hungry Shark for BlackBerry

Hungry Shark for Windows Phone

January 22, 2016


This is a great app for those who wants to accurately plan their daily tasks, manage time spent on every work and finally see a summary of all the results. This method was founded by Francesco Cirillo in 1980’s and although in practice it has been used for 36 years, it’s just recently was developed as mobile application.

The main idea of this time management system aiming for daily work is rather primitive and truly effective. At first, standard 25min period of time is recommended for every task you do and that period of time is considered as 1 tomato. If within 25min you could not deal with the task, add another tomato that gives another 25min. In that way you can easily count how long it took or how many tomatoes was needed for a current job.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay concentrated on your main task or keep your day priorities, especially when phone keeps ringing or you start to give all your attention on received new tasks and so on. However, tomatoes timing method will help you to stay focused on your priorities to finish your task.
5 or 15 minutes break is recommended depending on the time spent doing your job. At the end of the day you’ll have all your tasks results showing you which part of the day was more productive and how to compile tomorrow’s plans.
When analyzing time use statistics, it is recommended to assign one small task for self education in future. For example: do less mistakes in typing, don’t do you work during lunch time and etc.
All in all it’s excellent time management and task planing tool. We suggest each and everyone to try.

Tomato method of calculation model:

Application review:

Pomodoro Timer for iPhone

Pomodoro Timer for Android

Pomodoro Assistant for Windows phone

Pomodoro Timer for BlackBerry

January 21, 2016


Practice shows that any backup transfer process is complicated when trying to move data between two completely different OS. If device is fully synced with cloud services and mail account, then it’s simple to transfer only main information like contacts, photos and videos, but it might be little tricky with SMS, notes, calendar appointments and other stuff. That’s where special software comes in to help you with this.
We’d like to introduce remarkable Wondershare MobileTrans tool supporting more than 3500 popular devices and all the latest operating systems. Using this tool it’s easy to back up your phone to your PC then restore it to any other supported phone whenever you need to. It’s also possible to transfer saved backups to your new device, created by other mobile management software like iTunes, iCloud, Kies, BlackBerry and etc. MobileTrans offers additional features like phone backup of full erase option which equals to factory restore.

Before you begin, please check the list below of supported data transfer between different smartphones.

Contacts Messages Calendar Photos Music Videos Apps Call logs
Android to Android
iPhone to Android/iPhone
Windows Phone to Android/iPhone
iTunes Backup to Android
iCloud to Android
Symbian to Android
BlackBerry Backup to Android

: Make sure USB Debugging is checked when using Android device.

1. Download MobileTrans v7.4.6.429 to PC and install it.
2. Carefully go through short software activation instruction founded in Install Notes.txt file.
3. Launch MobileTrans and connect both phones to PC.
4. Wait till devices are recognized and whole data fully scanned.
5. Make sure source and destination phone is shown in the right order. Otherwise flip them using Flip button at the top.
6. Select the type of data you want to transfer and click on Start Transfer button.
7. Do not use any of the device during the data transfer process!
8. After process is finished, you are free to enjoy your new phone.

January 14, 2016


BlackBerry came with 10.3.2 OS version introducing one of the great features called Meeting Mode, which puts BlackBerry device into a specific notification profile whenever you have a meeting in your calendar.
For example, Meeting Mode is set up to silence device whenever you’re in meetings which you have accepted in your calendar.

Below we made a quick tutorial of how to turn on this feature and customize it to suit your needs.

Turning Meeting Mode on:
1. Open the Calendar
2. Swipe down from the top of the screen
3. Tap Settings followed by Meeting Mode
4. Turn on Meeting Mode
5. Tap Configure Meeting Mode Profile
6. Check if Sound and Vibrate are disabled and optionally enable Notify During Calls

In calendar event there’s a Status field that Meeting Mode applies.
• Available options include: All¸ Busy, Tentative and Busy, or Busy with Participants

To turn off Meeting Mode for a specific calendar, tap Omit Calendars
Note: Meeting Mode is not supported for hidden calendars

To set the maximum length of time that Meeting Mode apples to, choose Maximum Duration
• Available options include: 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, or No Limit

Completing these steps depending on the settings you choose previously, so the next time you have a meeting, your device will switch to your Meeting Mode profile and you won’t be interrupted by unwanted notifications.

BlackBerry Meeting Mode

January 11, 2016


Recent years Blackberry has improved its OS with many cool features. One of the greatest feature is ability to run Android apps on any Blackberry phone running 10.2.1 and later. So making it more clear it’s compatible with BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z30 and BlackBerry Passport devices.
The way it works is by downloading apk files straight to BlackBerry phone and installing them. You won’t be able to use one the most popular Google Play store, but there are other stores to get the apps you need. Some of the apps might not run so smooth, but don’t no need to forget that basically non of them were created for BlackBerry OS.

There are two ways to run Android apps on BlackBerry device.

1. Using most popular third party app stores like Amazon, Snap or 1Mobile Market. Browse for all the apps inside the store, download and install them straight to BlackBerry device.

2. Using web browser. Go straight to, look for the app and hit the green download button. Navigate to the Downloads folder and launch the apk file to install it. Simple as that!

Don’t forget to share this great feature with your friends by hitting Share button below.

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