November 4, 2016


What would happen if you would like to play Nintendo DS games without the console? You would be forced to purchase one. Or you can play them now on iOS!

The Ultimate Trio Of Nintendo DS Games For Your iOS 10-Powered Device!


Playing Nintendo DS is simply stunning. The experience is amazing; all of the games are authentic and relevant to your heart. It’s like opening a bottle of pure childhood sparkled with a healthy amount of nostalgia.

Holding the device in your hand is ultimately the supreme choice of a gamer. Titles are simply downloaded from site and all seems peachy. Until you realize you don’t have the device itself. Luckily there are dozens of emulators available today and with series of tweaks all titles can be launched on iOS 10.

One question remains – what should you play?

Top 3 games for iOS 10

This list consists of 3 stunning titles that are conveniently placed on an emulator and their UI and UX allow for a flawless experience on the buttonless screen of an iPhone.


  • Starting Wars In China Town. An intriguing name hides an interesting game play. You are destined to enjoy this neat little first GTA title! Is that not impressive enough to give it a shot?
  • World Ends With You. A brilliant title that’s conveniently played on both the DS and the flat screen of your iPhone or iPad is an engaging action with magical kangaroos and reckless skateboarders. Boss battles are simply out of this world! Is there any need to say more?
  • Might & Magic aka Heroes Clash. A good old RPG to complete the list. It was an instant hit back in the day among players of all shapes and sizes because of an intriguing story with a great plot. Add diverse class specials to the equation and you’ll get the ultimate gaming experience!

July 17, 2016


Pacific Wings

Back in the day, this game was called ‘1941’. You play as a fighter pilot who controls the plane and tries to avoid enemy by shooting their planes down. During the game play, players also collects power-ups that increases plane fire rate and adds more bullets in every singe shoot. Each level main goal is to reach final destination.
On the top of the screen there are useful numbers showing how much points player has earned at the moment and what percentage of the current level is completed.

Pacific Wings2Pacific Wings1 Pacific WingsPacific Wings3
Pacific Wings
for iPhone/iPad

Pacific Wings for Android

Pacific Wings for Windows Phone

Doom Classic

It’s no doubt that Doom 2 is all time best known legendary game, which was popular in late 90s. It was also one of the first games in multiplayer shooters of the 3D realm.
In mobile version of this game you don’t do as much aiming as in the original, which is good, because aiming on the mobile phone is not so easy. You do however control your character as you run through the map picking up weapons, bullets, health, armor and of course, killing lots of different enemies who cross your path. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your characters face, who reflects its current health status.

Doom classic3Doom classic Doom classic1 Doom classic2
Doom Classic for jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Doom Classic for Android

 Battle City

Everyone who had Zhiliton console should be familiar with this classic game.
All you have to do is to defend your base by controlling a tank in a maze where some walls can be destroyed. You move the tank with the onscreen directional controls and have another button to shoot. Each round main goal is to destroy a set number of tanks who tries to blow up that eagle, symbolizing main base. There are special tanks who leaves power-ups right after you destroy them. Those power-ups are different, they can give armor to your tank, make shooting faster or increase movement speed. It’s challenging and really addictive game.

Tank 1990 Tank 1990 Tank 19901 Tank 19901
Battle City for iPhone/iPad

Battle City for Android

Battle City for Windows Phone

Dr. Mario

This is an addictive puzzle game which will bring the good old time with arcade back to you. Even that gameplay music puts a smile on the face.
The pills you get from the doctor must be used for killing virus in glass bottle. You must rotate and position the pill on top or alongside the virus. Virus gets destroyed when player collects at least 4 blocks matching its color.
Most of the time pills comes in two different colors where one or both sides matches a virus. But sometimes you’ll get a single color pill, which helps to destroy virus much easier and faster. With every next level there will be more viruses awaiting for you and that’s how game speed increases.
Dr. Mario is now made with modern touchscreen controls for the best gameplay experience on any mobile device.

Dr. Mario4Dr. Mario Dr. Mario1 Dr. Mario3Dr. Mario2
Dr. Mario
and Doctor Vs Virus for iPhone/iPad

Pill Mania for Android

Dr. Zombie for Windows Phone

Snake 97

Snake is a remake of the famous classic Nokia Snake game programmed in 1997 by Taneli Armanto, the design engineer in Nokia. This is a simple, addictive and funny game, with responsive direction control and hot global leaderboard. Players can even choose any classic Nokia phone to play on. This cool feature makes whole game background nostalgic and original.

Snake 972Snake 975Snake 97 Snake 971 Snake 974
Snake 97 for iPhone

Snake 97 for Android

Snake for Windows Phone

June 13, 2016


Daddy Long Legs is the endless walker that needs your help. You take control of every step he make by putting one leg in front of the other and trying not to fall. The goal of Daddy Long Legs is very simple, walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longer than the rest of your body, walking becomes a real challenge.
Controls are very simple. Every step is made with a tap on the screen. That’s how you switch legs and make movement. During the gameplay, players can unlock different costumes that makes walking look funny or fabulous.
It’s a simple and fun game to compete with your friends or follow your results in global highscore statistics.

Daddy Long Legs for Android

Daddy Long Legs for iPhone/iPad

March 29, 2016


This game might not be so easy as it look. You need to have a great reaction and follow the colors matching your ball. Every player goal is to move the ball through variety of figures in different colors. Each figure you pass is counted as one point, so your total score will depend on the way you made trying to reach the top. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your ball, especially after capturing colorful circle. At that time your ball color may change and then you must look for the compatible colors on every second move.

Color Switch2  Color Switch3Color Switch1Color Switch4

Color Switch for iPhone

Color Switch for Android

March 25, 2016


Another one addictive game with beautiful graphics. Everyone can play it, cause all you need to do is to jump on the colored cubes to blow them up, and make as many beautiful splashes of ink on the ground as you can. Collect gems to unlock new colors and share your splash picture with your friends. If you like blue color, you definitely will enjoy the whole environment. It’s a great time killing game, so be careful with it.

Splash1 Splash2 Splash3 Splash4

Splash for iPhone

Splash for Android

March 24, 2016


Simply wonderful and very addictive game which sets your mind free. This one is suitable for all age groups.
After the first time launching this game you instantly realize what you have to do. Each player has only one mission – to reach its personal best score trying to build a highest tower from the blocks. Well, those blocks are flying and that’s where the fun begins.
Every block must be stacked at the right moment, so it can perfectly fit on the mounted one. If you miss to stack the block in its full dimension, the part which doesn’t fit will be cut. Then every second block will show up in new size. And the smaller block comes flying, the harder it gets to perfectly stack. That’s how you aggravate your way to the top.
Go ahead and try to reach your best personal score!

Stack1 Stack2

Stack for iPhone

Stack for Android

January 28, 2016


Fun game that delivers you a hungry shark senses. Controls are fairly simple, so all you need to do is to keep shark swimming to the right direction so he can eat different types of fish as much as possible. In this way players collect shark points which unlocks a variety of accessories and offer not just a unique appearance, but also a specific powers, such as body armor vest which makes shark more resistant to bombs floating in the ocean depths and so on. After the modifications are made, shark’s appearance can be saved by taking a funny picture and sharing it with your friends or other players. It should be noted that feeding shark with a variety of ocean creatures he grows and the bigger he becomes, the bigger fishes can be caught.

Hungry_shark4 Hungry_shark5Hungry_shark2 Hungry_shark6

Hungry Shark for Android

Hungry Shark for iPhone

Hungry Shark for BlackBerry

Hungry Shark for Windows Phone

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