About six months ago one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer announced to stop providing Bootloader unlock service.
Which means users won’t be able to flash custom ROM and increase device performance, get rid of OS bugs, install non official or cracked apps, get extra features from unknown sources and so on and so forth.
It’s a really brave step from Huawei making lots of rumors in Android market.


Oreo 8.0 is the most comprehensive version of Android as there has ever been. According to Google, it’s the most stable, feature rich and functional OS platform for mobile devices.
While on the surface it may lack major visual changes, what lies beneath is filled with impressive usability improvements and stunning future functionalities.


This year Mobile World Congress took place at Barcelona in 27 February – 2 March, where between all the great known mobile devices manufacturers, Nokia presented their first Android phones. It was long awaited moment for all Nokia fans around the world and at the same time, very important step for Finnish company getting back into the game.


If you thought that you own one of the most expensive smartphones in the world, then you haven’t seen Solarin yet.
It’s covered with 18k gold, includes other high quality materials and has exclusive built quality. But is that all what you’re paying for? This is the main question that must be answered before deciding if Solarin is worth 17 400$, which seems insane amount of money for a smartphone.


A few days ago, such a drastic action was taken by the Samsung company, so they can recover the remaining 10% of the phones scattered all over the world. According to manufacturer, 90% of the sold phones has already been returned, but the rest 10% of consumers didn’t want to give Galaxy Note 7 back in exchange of the money spent.


In June we made a great OnePlus 3 review and even after 5 months have passed after he hit the market, it’s still one of the best smartphones released in 2016. Despite of that, OnePlus has already decided to raise the bar even higher. Chinese smartphone manufacturer wanted to offer users the best possible experience they can have using Android device, so they’re now offering better hardware with the new OnePlus 3T.


Lately Samsung got plenty of trouble on its way with the Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery and recall, a mistake that cost the firm $1.5 billion and that is a lot.
Now, talking about the Android N update, expect that to be delayed due to Galaxy Note 7 blunder. But in addition Samsung is expecting at least an extra two or three months development time on top of its usual Android N update release for the Galaxy Note 7, knowing how complicated it will be tying together new Android 7 features with the Galaxy Note 7’s new functionality and S-Pen features.


Last year HTC did a lot better job than Samsung, smoothly bringing OS updates for their devices just about in the expected time. Android Marshmallow landed on the HTC One M9 in December of 2015, which is just two months after Google’s official release. But unlike Samsung, HTC has a lot to prove. The latest HTC 10 device is up against one of the strongest Android lineups, trying to keep their position in competitive smartphone market, battling with the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and Sony XZ. That is why company needs to ensure it delivers the goods with respect to timely Android updates and in that way make users feel special having HTC smartphones.


“If you want it done right, do it yourself.” That’s what Google meant to say after releasing its first smartphone ever. At last no co-branding, only a background partnership with HTC manufacturer. Pixel and Pixel XL is a two size original flagman devices that amounts to a single high end Android experience, presenting new and unique software features from Google that won’t come to other mobile phones anytime soon. Past several years company was working on predictive search and voice interactions also making some software design changes, painting a clearer picture of its vision of Android.


Month ago Sony has closed Xperia Z line by releasing first Xperia X series smartphone. Everyone thought that for quite some time it’ll be the latest Sony’s flagman you can get in the market. Well, it was until week ago, when company made a huge surprise announcing another X series flagman called Xperia XZ. There’s no doubt that Sony fans having Xperia X may feel a bit deceived after this move.
However, every new phone will now be part of the Xperia X line, no matter it’s a budget, mid range or high end device. But it’s all not about the model name, it’s about quality and exclusive features. So lets take a deeper look at this new flagman.

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