Using Xender app you can easily share any type of files in any place at any time between different OS platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, PC or Mac.

Xender uses Wi-Fi connection, so compared with Bluetooth, it makes up to 200 times faster transfer where the highest speed can reach 40Mb/s. There’s also no limitation to file size which makes simple to share even huge videos. Another great thing is that Xender has smart switch feature to transfer most important data like contacts, SMS or even whole backup files from your old phone to the new one in one simple step.


By looking at the screenshots in this review you probably might think this game is some kind of clone or extension for Monument Valley. Well, you’re right about this point, but aside from levels based on optical illusions, the design, physics and some other aspects offers something a bit different.


Viber is one of the most popular messaging app that has evolved quite a bit since it was launched in 2010. For today, Viber doesn’t just have the usual features as any messaging app, it takes it even further with the stickers, emoticons and locations that allows users to have more functions as never before. Currently, there are more than 200 million Viber users located in over 193 countries. 200 million people have to be on to something, right?
We’ve put together 10 Viber app tips and tricks just to make you become a power user in no time.


I wish I had this app when I was a teenager. Math would be much easier to solve or just to match the results. The solutions are explained step by step in a very clearly way, so everyone could understand equations sequences. This app acts like a teacher when doing homework. Students using Photomath shouldn’t only target for the final results of every task, but to follow the main equation solving idea. That’s the only way to learn and improve your math skills.
The only problem is that it does not recognize handwriting, which might help a lot when solving rare tasks. But there’s no need to worry, cause according to developers this feature is coming soon.


Fitbit is a free app designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and smart scales. Using Bluetooth 4.0 it wirelessly synchronizes data and puts all the necessary statistics on device screen. Real time and historical stats shows up in easy to understand graphs that helps to track progress and follow your goals. Fitbit also has Live Tile feature, which can be handy for those who wants to follow their steps counter only.


5s GIF

Simple to use app that lets you easily create animated GIFs from photos and videos on your device or search among thousands of popular animated GIFs via Giphy library. You are free to save any GIF founded in app library straight to your device. 5s GIF even lets you merge GIFs together and make one short animation story.


Endomondo is designed to track your workouts, provide audio feedback along the way and give you some good advises on how to improve your training to reach better results. It’s a free personal trainer in your pocket that leads and supports in any activity you do. You can access a full training log and analyze your fitness activity. Endomondo makes any sport fun and social, which sometimes is the key for breaking your limits. Sharing your achievements in social network and comparing it with your friends can make you feel even more inspired. Whether it’s an comment from your best friend or colleague, or likes from other friends in your social circle, the positive reinforcement will help you go that extra mile.



Droidsheep’s main task is session hijacking. It steals cookies to get access to the person’s personal account without knowing his/her password. To make it more clearly, when any other person using the same WiFi that your android device is connected, opens any sites like Facebook and log in there then that person’s browser sends cookies. The main work of Droidsheep is to steal or hijack that cookies. Then using that cookies you can get access or open his account and do whatever you want. Just remember, it doesn’t provide you any login information like username or password.


Sometimes searching for the best apps in the Microsoft store makes you feel like you’re in empty desert. Even after discovering similar apps, you can feel there’s a lack of quality ones that highlight the modern look for Windows tablets and smartphones.
That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier by giving a top 3 weather apps you might want to get on Windows device.

Ambient weather

High quality app with beautiful background images reflecting to the current weather conditions. If there is precipitation, you get an excellent rain shot or snow fall view and if sunny, you get a beautiful sky shot with a few clouds. At night, whole background switches to a dusk.
As expected, weather is presented in four sections: current, today, hourly, and daily. Each one of those provides temperature, wind speed and precipitation. Current weather includes well known features as humidity levels, real feel temperature, sunrise and sunset times.
Ambient weather lets you handle multiple locations which is ideal when roaming. Unfortunately, radar support and weather notification alerts works in Continental US region only.
As usual, fee app version comes with adds. Live Tile only functions for the first seven days after install. Supporting the developer with one time purchase of $1.49, you will be able to remove ads and keep the Live Tile running.

Ambient Weather2Ambient Weather4

Ambient weather

Frost free

The layout for Frost Free feels very unique. It’s not too complicated, just different enough so it may take a little time to get used to. There’s ability to track the weather forecast by setting multiple locations or simply following your current location. App does a nice job of delivering the weather basics to your Windows device.
Broader overview includes a four day forecast and you can switch to hour by hour breakdown for the next three days. One of the greatest feature we found, is a long term forecast for the next ten days. There’s also an option to download the whole forecast information in pdf format, just in case you’d like to share it.
However, it doesn’t include weather radar with alert notifications, which may help avoiding unexpected precipitation.

Frost free detail forecast Frost Free Settings

Frost free

MSN Weather

Definitely the most popular free weather app you can find for Windows devices. Brings a quick access to 10 day and hourly forecasts information. Weather radar comes in interactive satellite maps view. Historical weather feature shows what’s the weather’s like, month by month at the selected location. It come in very helpful, especially when planning trips abroad with outdoor activities. Favorite places can be added easily using search bar at the top.
This app makes you enjoy a good user interface design, which puts the most important information right up front. Just swipe left ant right to instantly switch for the next several days forecasts.
Need to mention, that unlike other similar apps, it doesn’t have lots of intrusive ads, which is great.
MSN Weather is smooth, clean and straight to the point app you can rely on.

MSN Weather


This app simplifies your life in the digital world by keeping you even more connected to the people who matter most. As the title says, you can see your family members real-time location whenever you need to.
First time launching Family Locator you will be prompted to invite other person to get this app. That’s how you all get connected in one circle.
One of the greatest feature we must exclude is the ability to set any location and get notification when your family member got there. Now it’s simple to know when your child got home or did he get to school on time.
There’s some great additional features which can make things even more easier. Live chat function lets you text with each other without going in to the other app. You can even create a group chat.
Make and use shopping list when going in to the store. It’s visible to all members at the real-time so they can expand it and check every product they get.
And remember, that this app can also help you to find a lost device.

Family Locator1 Family Locator2 Family Locator3 Family Locator4 Family Locator5

Family Locator for Android

Family Locator for iPhone

Family Locator for Windows Phone

Family Locator for Blackberry

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