By looking at the screenshots in this review you probably might think this game is some kind of clone or extension for Monument Valley. Well, you’re right about this point, but aside from levels based on optical illusions, the design, physics and some other aspects offers something a bit different.


Train your ninja! Learn your fighter new tricks and super special ninja moves. Impress his Sensei and earn new ninja belts on your way to find Kira. You’ll be amazed how much fun you can have with over 70 unique interactive items including trampolines, punch bags, ball guns, a chicken, a squirrel and even more. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants with his ninja. Train him, throw him, tickle him and even tie balloons to your fighter to get random experience points.


This unusual game really shows that the worst can happen in any place at any time. There are death scenarios which you didn’t even imagine.
Each player main mission is to protect those adorable and dumb creatures from facing unexpected death. Time is ticking and you need to make your decisions fast. Try to keep your attention on any surroundings that can cause health damage. Each character acts as he wants to, which may lead to deadly snake bite or piranhas attack while standing in the water. Dumb Ways to Die includes 15 hilarious mini games where players are attempting to collect all the charmingly dumb characters. Some levels requires to keep your phone steady or shake it when needed and that’s where the fun begins.


Pacific Wings

Back in the day, this game was called ‘1941’. You play as a fighter pilot who controls the plane and tries to avoid enemy by shooting their planes down. During the game play, players also collects power-ups that increases plane fire rate and adds more bullets in every singe shoot. Each level main goal is to reach final destination.
On the top of the screen there are useful numbers showing how much points player has earned at the moment and what percentage of the current level is completed.

Pacific Wings2Pacific Wings1 Pacific WingsPacific Wings3
Pacific Wings
for iPhone/iPad

Pacific Wings for Android

Pacific Wings for Windows Phone

Doom Classic

It’s no doubt that Doom 2 is all time best known legendary game, which was popular in late 90s. It was also one of the first games in multiplayer shooters of the 3D realm.
In mobile version of this game you don’t do as much aiming as in the original, which is good, because aiming on the mobile phone is not so easy. You do however control your character as you run through the map picking up weapons, bullets, health, armor and of course, killing lots of different enemies who cross your path. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your characters face, who reflects its current health status.

Doom classic3Doom classic Doom classic1 Doom classic2
Doom Classic for jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Doom Classic for Android

 Battle City

Everyone who had Zhiliton console should be familiar with this classic game.
All you have to do is to defend your base by controlling a tank in a maze where some walls can be destroyed. You move the tank with the onscreen directional controls and have another button to shoot. Each round main goal is to destroy a set number of tanks who tries to blow up that eagle, symbolizing main base. There are special tanks who leaves power-ups right after you destroy them. Those power-ups are different, they can give armor to your tank, make shooting faster or increase movement speed. It’s challenging and really addictive game.

Tank 1990 Tank 1990 Tank 19901 Tank 19901
Battle City for iPhone/iPad

Battle City for Android

Battle City for Windows Phone

Dr. Mario

This is an addictive puzzle game which will bring the good old time with arcade back to you. Even that gameplay music puts a smile on the face.
The pills you get from the doctor must be used for killing virus in glass bottle. You must rotate and position the pill on top or alongside the virus. Virus gets destroyed when player collects at least 4 blocks matching its color.
Most of the time pills comes in two different colors where one or both sides matches a virus. But sometimes you’ll get a single color pill, which helps to destroy virus much easier and faster. With every next level there will be more viruses awaiting for you and that’s how game speed increases.
Dr. Mario is now made with modern touchscreen controls for the best gameplay experience on any mobile device.

Dr. Mario4Dr. Mario Dr. Mario1 Dr. Mario3Dr. Mario2
Dr. Mario
and Doctor Vs Virus for iPhone/iPad

Pill Mania for Android

Dr. Zombie for Windows Phone

Snake 97

Snake is a remake of the famous classic Nokia Snake game programmed in 1997 by Taneli Armanto, the design engineer in Nokia. This is a simple, addictive and funny game, with responsive direction control and hot global leaderboard. Players can even choose any classic Nokia phone to play on. This cool feature makes whole game background nostalgic and original.

Snake 972Snake 975Snake 97 Snake 971 Snake 974
Snake 97 for iPhone

Snake 97 for Android

Snake for Windows Phone


Unique and interesting game based on physics. In each level player must complete different tasks in separate ways. Brain It On has no movement controls as we used to see in other games. All you have to do is to draw random shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. Each shape is used for something during the level time. So pay your attention on the main task before you start. There’s a multiple ways to solve each puzzle, but can you find the best solution?
Brain It On gives 20 levels at a time with the option to buy puzzle packs and unlock more levels right away. Or you can unlock them for free with stars that you collect during gameplay.
It’s a fun and addictive game that really makes you think like a physicist.

Brain It On4 Brain It On1 Brain It On2 Brain It On3

Brain It On! for Android

Brain It On! for iPhone/iPad

Brain On Dot Physics for Windows Phone


School Bus Demolition Derby

Compared to the other similar games, this one somehow has the highest ranking in Google Play store.
If you love to control big cars off the road and compete in some good old demolition derby events across the country, then this game is just what you’ve been looking for. There’s a selection of paint jobs and vehicle upgrades available. As usual, vehicle upgrades gives more performance in movement and helps to compete better. As you might already know, main goal is to smash your opponents to rubble. Just don’t forget to void other competitors hitting your bus, cause the damage made can’t be restored during the gameplay.

School bus demotilion1 School bus demotilion2 School bus demotilion3 School bus demotilion4
School Bus Demolition Derby
for Android

School Bus Demolition Derby for iOS

World of Derby

At first sight, this game looks and feels amazing with its realistic, detailed graphics.
Every hit taken can damage separate parts of the vehicle. As an example, if you get ram into the open side door, you might lose them. Even a straight hit into the wheel can crack it and make your car worthless during the derby race. Opponents are powerful and intelligent enough to escape from your crash tactics, that’s why whole gameplay gets very intense and addictive at the same time. For those, who think that they can’t be beaten, we suggest to try special game mode called “Against everyone”. World of Derby also includes large assortment of car upgrades, different unique arenas and various weather conditions.

World of Derby1 World of Derby2 World of Derby3 World of Derby4
World of Derby
for Android

World of Derby for iOS

World of Derby for Windows Phone

Demolition Derby
Crash Racing

As the download rating proves, this one is definitely the most popular demolition derby game. Despite of its greatness, creators are still working on this project to make it even better. And gamers should be happy about it, cause update with multiplayer mode is coming soon!
Game offers various tracks and events across the nation for endless racing and destruction driving pleasure. As the title says, there are two types of gameplay available.
Traditional demolition derby events in an arena, is where all drivers start in opposite directions and the goal is to smash the other cars trying to stay the last man standing to win the race. To boost the damage on an rival you can get your motor rev up and run faster by using the nitro boost.
Crash racing takes place on speedway tracks which gives a different type of challenge and experience. Best players should seek to complete all tracks with the full 3 stars.
Be sure to buy performance upgrades wisely as the various type of events require different cars. Use armor upgrades to strengthen your endurance or engine upgrades to boost your speed, push and pulling power. Good results let you earn more money during races.
Go ahead and join the ultimate demolition derby game experience.

Demolition Derby Crash Racing3 Demolition Derby Crash Racing4 Demolition Derby Crash Racing1 Demolition Derby Crash Racing2
Demolition Derby Crash Racing
for Android

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for iOS

Demolition Derby Crash Racing for Windows Phone


One of the most popular PC browser game is now available on mobile devices. If you’re the one first time seeing this unusual game, then we’d like to introduce it for you.
In this game main goal is to control your small cell and eat tiny balls or other players cells which makes you grow larger. You must also watch out for other players which are bigger than you, o you will easily become their lunch and loose your growth. Survive and eat long enough is a must if you want to become the biggest cell in the game. conveys the same addictive game play that millions have already enjoyed on PC.
The best part of this game is ability to go straight to the action and compete with your friends or other players in online mode whenever you want. After you grow big enough, your movements become significantly slower. That’s when splitting power helps to catch smaller and faster cells. It’s also possible to use shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players or avoid them when needed.
Just remember that splitting or shrinking will decrease your size and make you more vulnerable.

Agario3Agario1 Agario2 Agario4 for iPhone for Android for Blackberry for Windows Phone


Fun game that delivers you a hungry shark senses. Controls are fairly simple, so all you need to do is to keep shark swimming to the right direction so he can eat different types of fish as much as possible. In this way players collect shark points which unlocks a variety of accessories and offer not just a unique appearance, but also a specific powers, such as body armor vest which makes shark more resistant to bombs floating in the ocean depths and so on. After the modifications are made, shark’s appearance can be saved by taking a funny picture and sharing it with your friends or other players. It should be noted that feeding shark with a variety of ocean creatures he grows and the bigger he becomes, the bigger fishes can be caught.

Hungry_shark4 Hungry_shark5Hungry_shark2 Hungry_shark6

Hungry Shark for Android

Hungry Shark for iPhone

Hungry Shark for BlackBerry

Hungry Shark for Windows Phone

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