SIM card can be cut for free in any mobile operator office, but there are situations when you must do it by yourself. And in this case, it is better to do it correctly, because otherwise it can be easily damaged and all the contacts stored in it will be lost.
Everything is simple if another Micro or Nano SIM is nearby, then it could be used as an example of the required size. If there is none, we really do not recommend to cut without seeing current dimensions.
Down below you’ll find a scheme, which will help to mark the appropriate size depending on the type of SIM card you need. It’s recommended to print whole scheme and put the card you want to cut on the center of the necessary dimensions. If there’s no printer around, then SIM can be placed directly on the tablet or laptop screen to mark required measurements. To the left there are docked examples of the Nano and Micro SIM cards. The main SIM chip is located in the center of the microscheme (scheme 4th step on the right), but it’s still not recommended to damage any of the SIM metal frame sides.

SIM cut


Practice shows that any backup transfer process is complicated when trying to move data between two completely different OS. If device is fully synced with cloud services and mail account, then it’s simple to transfer only main information like contacts, photos and videos, but it might be little tricky with SMS, notes, calendar appointments and other stuff. That’s where special software comes in to help you with this.
We’d like to introduce remarkable Wondershare MobileTrans tool supporting more than 3500 popular devices and all the latest operating systems. Using this tool it’s easy to back up your phone to your PC then restore it to any other supported phone whenever you need to. It’s also possible to transfer saved backups to your new device, created by other mobile management software like iTunes, iCloud, Kies, BlackBerry and etc. MobileTrans offers additional features like phone backup of full erase option which equals to factory restore.

Before you begin, please check the list below of supported data transfer between different smartphones.

Contacts Messages Calendar Photos Music Videos Apps Call logs
Android to Android
iPhone to Android/iPhone
Windows Phone to Android/iPhone
iTunes Backup to Android
iCloud to Android
Symbian to Android
BlackBerry Backup to Android

: Make sure USB Debugging is checked when using Android device.

1. Download MobileTrans v7.4.6.429 to PC and install it.
2. Carefully go through short software activation instruction founded in Install Notes.txt file.
3. Launch MobileTrans and connect both phones to PC.
4. Wait till devices are recognized and whole data fully scanned.
5. Make sure source and destination phone is shown in the right order. Otherwise flip them using Flip button at the top.
6. Select the type of data you want to transfer and click on Start Transfer button.
7. Do not use any of the device during the data transfer process!
8. After process is finished, you are free to enjoy your new phone.


Jailbreaking device unlocks developer options without Microsoft developers account. In that way users can freely modify their phones using additional options, download paid apps for free, use unofficial programs and so on.
This jailbreak will not erase data from Windows mobile device.

1. Download to PC (running Windows 8/8.1) SDK for Windows 8.1 and install it.
2. Download to PC aiyingyong_pc_v4.6 unlock tool (it’s in Chinese) and install it by clicking on the single blue button. Chinese Jailbreak tool1
2.1 After installation is complete click on second blue button.
3. PIN unlock Windows phone.
4. Connect mobile device to PC using USB cable.
5. Click on phones display unlock icon in PC unlock tool. Chinese Jailbreak tool

Thats it! Congratulations on successfully unlocking Windows phone.

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