By looking at the screenshots in this review you probably might think this game is some kind of clone or extension for Monument Valley. Well, you’re right about this point, but aside from levels based on optical illusions, the design, physics and some other aspects offers something a bit different.

Dream Machine comes in a colder colors, environment looks more industrial and more cubic. But as the game progresses, colors diversify themselves and in the later chapters whole game becomes more Dream and less Machine. If you played Monument Valley then you may already be familiar with moving parts and pathways, but the levels in Dream Machine tend to be much busier, filled with gears, wheels, pistons and various hazards. Some platform parts are always moving and there are moments, when crossing them without counting might be deadly.
Main character is wind-up robot and he is constantly moving, so you must be precise on right timing in order to avoid hazards and step on the right moving part at the right time. Controls are simple, just tap on the robot to make him do a 180 turn or tap on empty space to make him stop. Don’t forget that you can move parts of the level by turning the yellow handled cranks. Moving these can often become a small and joyful challenge.
In higher levels, enemy robots become a tool. Usually they are patrolling back and forth, and you’ll have to move parts of the level at the proper time to make them step on switches for a landscape to change. The faster you complete a level, the more cogs you get, which in turn gives you more upgrades and gets you higher on the leaderboard.
Dream Machine is a beautiful, addictive and memorable 3D puzzle game delivering logical gameplay experience.



Dream Machine for jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Dream Machine for Android

Dream Machine for Windows Phone

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