This app simplifies your life in the digital world by keeping you even more connected to the people who matter most. As the title says, you can see your family members real-time location whenever you need to.
First time launching Family Locator you will be prompted to invite other person to get this app. That’s how you all get connected in one circle.
One of the greatest feature we must exclude is the ability to set any location and get notification when your family member got there. Now it’s simple to know when your child got home or did he get to school on time.
There’s some great additional features which can make things even more easier. Live chat function lets you text with each other without going in to the other app. You can even create a group chat.
Make and use shopping list when going in to the store. It’s visible to all members at the real-time so they can expand it and check every product they get.
And remember, that this app can also help you to find a lost device.

Family Locator1 Family Locator2 Family Locator3 Family Locator4 Family Locator5

Family Locator for Android

Family Locator for iPhone

Family Locator for Windows Phone

Family Locator for Blackberry

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