Google Keyboard 5.0 features

Remembering the first Google keyboard versions, which came along with first Android OS releases, now makes us smile. At that time, each key press was not so accurate as compared to iPhone. And it seemed impossible to type two or three words without making a single mistake. Default keyboard had only main features, like switching from letters to symbols or numbers, changing language and etc.
Over the past couple of years, Google made a huge step in improving virtual keyboard with many cool features. Its 5th generation was announced couple of weeks ago. Lets go and find out what’s new.

The biggest update was made for one handed use. When this mode is enabled, keyboard lines up on the chosen side and becomes easily accessible with a thumb. The height is also adjustable by drawing up the upper part. Using the side arrow button, keyboard can be moved from side to side.Google keyboard1

Another improvement is ability to remove suggested words from the list, so that slot can be dedicated to another suggestion. Just tap and hold on the suggested word until recycle bin icon appear. Words are removed in the same order as the apps from home screen. Google keyboard2

From now on, there’s no need to repeatedly tap the erase button if you want to remove a single word from the sentence. Whole word can be removed by sliding left from delete key. Fast switch to numpad and emoji is now available by sliding left/right on the space bar.

This latest keyboard update from Google is rolling out kinda slowly. So there’s no need to wait for OTA update. You can already get it by simply clicking on the download link below.

Google keyboard 5.0 for arm64 processor devices

Google keyboard 5.0 for arm processor devices

Google keyboard 5.0 for x86 processor devices

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