Google Maps new features

Google Maps updates come out very regularly and new features can be easily missed. So we decided to make a quick review and guide you through all the latest Google Maps changes, features and tricks.

Now you can view which gas stations close to you are offering the cheapest gas prices and save a few cents per liter or gallon.Maps gas prices

Popular times feature lets you see when a particular restaurant has a busy time, which  mostly will be during the lunch and dinner hours.

Offline search and navigation feature lets simply search for a city or country and tap Download on the place sheet. Users now can reach Offline Areas in the app menu. Google Maps will switch to the offline map whenever it detects the downloaded area or in case of loosing internet connection.

Driving Mode now loads up without needing to enter a destination. The mode uses your last destinations and web searches history to guess where you might be heading.

Add photos on your places. You can now attach photos to illustrate favorite locations. Google will even automatically pair the photos you took at the location to your review.

Play voice during phone calls feature has now been added in Settings/Navigation settings and it’s enabled by default. Go to the settings menu to turn it off if you think that the voices might become overbearing.

Add a place on your Maps Timeline. If Google misses something, you can tap the options button and select Add place. Type any details which might be useful for you in future.

View taxi prices. Just tap on the taxi icon and you will see how much it will cost to reach your destination via private transport. This taxi service may not yet be available in some countries, depending of the partnership between Google and taxi companies.

Add labels to locations. Tap on location to bring up its info screen, then tap the options button (three dots) and choose Add label to select iconThis also allows to type any name you like for a place like your home, office, favorite pub or sports club. Google maps label

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