Google will release its own smartphone this year

Google already develops the Android OS that runs on four of the five smartphones sold around the world and endorses a range of phones made by partners such as LG, Huawei and HTC under the Google Nexus brand. But unlike Apple, it leaves manufacturing to other companies such as Samsung or Sony, which customize original Android OS and adds their services, apps and UI on top of that. Furthermore, some manufacturers is relegating Google’s own internet services which are included in stock Android OS.

All this process usually makes users to wait months for the updates to reach their devices with no current dates announced. Probably that’s why Google decided to shakeup the smartphones market by releasing its own device. This move would tighten its grip on mobile software so this technology giant could compete directly with the iPhone.

Google has taken steps into hardware in recent years by releasing its own tablet computer, laptops and other devices. Earlier this year it hired Rick Osterloh, the former president of Motorola, to lead a new hardware division in a sign of its growing ambitions.

The company’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, said that last month Google was investing more effort into phones and would continue to support the Google backed Nexus smartphones, which are expected to continue this year with handsets made by Taiwanese company HTC. “Our plan is still to work with other manufacturers” he said.

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