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If you have any photos in your phone that you may not like anyone to see, then it is better to hide or password protect them. Sometimes you just want to show one photo by giving your phone to your friends, but most of the time they start sliding to see more of them. That’s when it becomes risky, especially when all your photos are stored in one gallery.
Today we are going to show you how to hide your photos or password protect them if hiding is not secure enough.

Android OS by default comes with the ability to hide folders using any file manager app. To do so, we need to create a hidden folder.
1.Tap on New, choose Folder and name it using a point . at the beginning.
Android hide photos
2. Now move all your photos and data you want to hide to this new folder using the same file manager, so it wont be detected or shown on any other app.
3. To hide whole folder go to device Settings, tap on Display settings and uncheck Show hidden files option. That folder will be hidden in file manager as well. You will have to check that option again in order to see all hidden folders or files.
Android hide photos1
Password protect your photos or files using Vaulty app:
1. It’s one of the greatest app we know. So download Vaulty to your device and install it.
2. You will prompted to add a password or PIN that will be used to access files.
3. After password is set, tap on Hide Pictures & Videos to access all your media files.
4. Select each photo or video you want to hide and tap on lock button at the top.
5. All files you selected will be hidden and locked.
6. Your locked files now will only be accessed through this app. To set files free and visible again, launch the Vaulty and type the required password. When you’ll be able to access all your hidden files. Select files you which to restore and then again tap on lock button.

Now you know how to keep your media or any other files hidden and secure.

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