How to catch a cheating spouse on iPhone or Android

Today smartphones are one of the most valuable devices and it’s not the price that we’re going to talking about. It’s your personal information stored in one device, which you use everywhere you go and always have it nearby no matter what you do.
Usually data stored inside is so important, that it can’t be priced in any currency or it’s numbers. Lots of the users starts to think about their photos and videos, but only some of us realize how many services are linked with mobile phone. No need to mention POI (Point Of Interest) or route history saved by default in Maps app, like some background data in other apps, which in most of the cases we’re unable to control. But that’s another topic to discuss.

Those who keep their sensitive data in mobile device should definitely know how to protect it and there’s a plenty of tools you can find depending on type of files need to be locked or just hidden. Even if you think that simply removing very personal files from internal storage or microSD card makes you sleep better at night, we can prove you wrong. Deleted files can be recovered using tools like DiscDigger, which by the way is a great app to check if your boyfriend or girlfriend is loyal to you.
That’s where we can head to our main topic, which basically is about cheating and how to make things clear using smartphone in a smart way. Yes, we realize that some people in relationship choose not to know if they’re being cheated just to avoid heartbreaking moments, while for others, hard truth is much better than beautiful lie. So if you’re the one struggling with the unknown, here’s how to catch a cheating spouse on iPhone how to catch a cheating spouse on iPhone and collect all the facts to make life easier in future.

First, check all the background apps to find out the recent and the most used ones. Double press home button for apps to show up.

Using iPhone, open Maps app and tap on Favorites, then choose Recents to see all the recently visited places.

Check Safari browsing history to find anything related to whatever you’re looking for.
Open Safari and tap on History to scroll through all the visited links. Don’t forget to use search button if you’re in a hurry.

Take a look at secondary messaging apps like SnapChat that are designed for temporary sharing of text messages, photos and videos.

Launch Viber, tap on Privacy and select Block list to see if there’s blocked contacts with phone numbers. Also try to find any hidden chats if there’s some. You can do it by opening a new chat and in search bar entering every possible 4 digit PIN code. Hidden chats will be shown right after entering the correct PIN code.

Using Facebook app tap on search bar to find what your soulmate was searching for.

Go into iCould drive app and search your way through all the information that might help to find the answers. iCloud drive usually stores photos, videos, contacts and any other kinds of files. Most valuable information is usually stored in Apple cloud services and is synced between all iOS devices, like Macbook or iPad logged into the same account.


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      September 10, 2019 at 11:10 am

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    • W I L L I A M S D H A CKGHOST @ Gee-Mail

      September 10, 2019 at 11:12 am

      I’ve used this process to deliver quality services to my clients. I offer spying and tracking services on how to catch a cheating spouse.
      Thanks for this great article it’s really educating


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