Huawei has stopped Bootloader unlock services

About six months ago one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer announced to stop providing Bootloader unlock service.
Which means users won’t be able to flash custom ROM and increase device performance, get rid of OS bugs, install non official or cracked apps, get extra features from unknown sources and so on and so forth.
It’s a really brave step from Huawei making lots of rumors in Android market.

Here’s the official announcement:

So we made some research by contacting Huawei just to get more info about why they decided so.
According to customer service, this decision was made in order to make user data as much secure as possible and reduce warranty service cases related to software brick.
On the other hand, every user who decides to unlock Bootloader must accept terms and conditions which includes device warranty loss leading to insecure smartphone status with no future updates.

Seems like Huawei forgot their massive update fails made couple years ago. At that time updates released for most popular Huawei P8 and P9 models came with bugs making devices malfunction while some of them simply got bricked.
The only solution at that time was to flash custom ROM and have your device running on stable OS as it should.

But from now Huawei users are not only forced to buy payed apps instead of having cracked versions if they want to, but they are also leashed to manufacturer OS releases. Which means if device starts to lag or even gets stuck after OS update because software becomes buggy as hell, there won’t be any other option just to wait for update fix or go straight to warrantee service.

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