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Hide any apps on iPhone or iPad


If you have an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9.0 and up to iOS 9.2, this new trick will let you hide all of those annoying default apps. Those apps won’t be uninstalled, just simply hidden from the home screen.
This trick only hides your apps until the next time you reboot your iPhone or iPad. After that, all of them will be visible again.


  1. Create a new or open an existing folder
  2. Make sure all the apps you want to hide are in that folder
  3. Tap and hold on any app until they all begin to jiggle
  4. Grab any app and drag it to the right beyond the last tab in the folder
  5. While still holding the app, press the home button

This will cause the app to disappear and you’ll never have to see it again until you reboot your iPhone or iPad.


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