One of the greatest all time games with very specific scenario.
Little boy lost in the middle of nowhere tries to survive and find his destiny. Inclement surroundings is all in black and white filled with surprises which wont let any player feel comfortable or relaxed being there. Interesting that whole game has no levels or chapters, it’s just goes on and on till sometimes you stuck and can’t find way out. After that just take a deep breath, move your brain and deal with that trap.

At first seems not so easy to control one lonely character, but after a while everyone get used to it. Being honest, we don’t suggest this game for children. In some cases there’s a shocking moments with cruel endings if you make a mistake.
Challenge your self and test your intelligence!

Limbo1 Limbo2  Limbo4Limbo4

Limbo for Android:

Quick install tutorial:
1. Extract Limbo.rar
2. Place extracted com.playdead.limbo.full folder in to device Internal storage/Android/obb folder.
3. Launch L1.1.8.apk file and install game.

Limbo for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

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