Rayman succeeded its way to the top right after the first release for consoles. After a while it became available for PC’s. And today we are free to enjoy this addictive and fun game on our mobile devices. Isn’t that great?!

If you ever played it on PlayStation, Xbox or PC, then you’re already familiar with this game action and whole scenario. That’s why Rayman should only be introduced for players who haven’t tried it yet.
So what is it about? Well, it’s hard to describe in a short way. The easiest way to understand it, is by taking a look at this game trailer or simply trying it by yourself.

Game includes 4 different characters to choose from. They don’t have any special powers and that’s a good thing. Because game is fast and there wouldn’t be enough time to use them. All characters has the same abilities like running, jumping and hitting the enemies. Controls just couldn’t be much easier.
After selecting one, you will dive into amazing adventures through legendary worlds full of quests to rescue the Incrediballs. So the main mission is to seek out and collect all of the Incrediballs to bring them back home.
Each gameplay delivers great experience and exciting mix between action and exploration. Rayman comes with a great graphics where each level is filled with gorgeous visuals.

Rayman Adventures1 Rayman Adventures3Rayman Adventures2Rayman Adventures4

Rayman Adventures for Android

Rayman Adventures for iPhone/iPad

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