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Why Apple software updates are much better than Google


Apple keynote took place on September 7. Among new presented devices like iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, iOS 10 played a key role too. In only two weeks until the release of the official Android 7.0 Nougat update, Apple proved one more time, that they are so much better when it comes to software new versions.

iOS 10, which was presented as “the biggest release ever”, is now available to download as beta version, intended for the users who want to test the features in advance. But we would suggest you not to hurry and wait two days more. According to the Apple’s official website iOS 10 final release will be officially available on 13th of September and it’ll be supported on every compatible device right after the release.
That’s why Apple can hardly be compared with Google when talking about the software updates. Apple always gives the possibility for their users to immediately enjoy new software developments. Oh, and by the way, they always sticks to the promised dates.

Now, talking about the latest Nougat 7.0 upcoming update, Google is ready to leave the Nexus brand and on October 4th present its new smartphones called Pixel and Pixel XL. Until now, Nexus smartphones were the first to support latest Google software updates. However, this year LG V20 is going to be the first device released with integrated Nougat 7.0 operating system, while other manufacturers doesn’t promise any current dates for their smartphones updates. As usual, it all depends on the original Android OS modification process, where each manufacturer puts on its UI (user interface) design along with additional apps and services. Seems like it’s always going to be like that, until Google doesn’t take full control of the whole software update process in every smartphone. Which is really hard to make it happen, because all the biggest manufacturers always wants to attach users to their relative products and services through their own UI.


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