Samsung Galaxy Note 7 latest update completely disables battery charging

A few days ago, such a drastic action was taken by the Samsung company, so they can recover the remaining 10% of the phones scattered all over the world. According to manufacturer, 90% of the sold phones has already been returned, but the rest 10% of consumers didn’t want to give Galaxy Note 7 back in exchange of the money spent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 become known as flammable and exploding model right after its release. Nevertheless, not all models had the same problem with their batteries, so that small part of customers felt satisfied with their purchase and didn’t even thought about returning their smartphone. This whole story might not be so sad, cause there’s still part of the happy users left right? But the latest decision made by Samsung made everything worse.
Seems like China manufacturer doesn’t care what 10% of happy users think and what the remaining Galaxy Note 7 fans really want. Therefore, Samsung company decided to collect the remaining devices in their own way, which is quite simple.
A few days ago the official small software update has been released, limiting the Galaxy Note 7 charge of the battery up to 60%. Later appeared another update, leaving only 30% of the battery charge available. Even if the new flagman is left for charging overnight, the battery power is limited to absorb only one-third of its capacity. However, the plan was not to put limitations on battery consumption, but to slowly shut down Galaxy Note 7 devices that are still in use. So the Samsung made its final step by releasing the last update, which is going to eliminate battery charge function. In that way the remaining users will be forced to return Note 7 and get their money back.
According to the manufacturer, “everything is done for consumers safety”. The only pity thing is that Samsung doesn’t ask whether they want it or not.

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