Samsung Gear S set up and first use

Having smart watch at first time and setting it up seems not so simple. One and the only mission of every user is to reach main home screen. It’s possible to make it in two ways.
1. Following instructions on Gear S screen and downloading  app to your Samsung smartphone.
2. If you don’t have Samsung smartphone, then manually breaking through setup screen.

Activating smart watch by using Gear Manager tutorial:
1. Turn on Gear S and tap Next.
2. Pick up your Samsung smartphone and activate Bluetooth connection.
3. Download Gear Manager to your smartphone or use NFC connection by touching your phone’s backside with Gear S charger.
4. Start Gear Manager application and select Gear S smart watch.
5. Wait until synchronization is finished and you’re good to go!

Manually activating Gear S tutorial:
1. Turn on Gear S.
2. Tap Next and keep tapping on clock icon until “Please press BT address while 3 seconds” is shown.
3. After that just hold your finger on clock icon for 3 seconds until you’ll see welcome screen.
4. Make your way through couple of hints and you’re ready to go!

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