Shadowmatic has quickly emerged as one of the most popular premium games for iPhone and iPad devices. The game offers 70 different puzzles, spread across 9 different rooms that each offer a unique set of background scenery and overall environmental change. Every puzzle also comes with various music, making each game level unique and special. Whole gameplay is simple, all you have to do is to rotate and move given objects in order to form a familiar shadow on the wall.

Shadowmatic has stunning graphics, which of course are usually the first thing noticed in any game. The bigger is you device screen, the more you can enjoy it. For example, playing the game on an iPad Air 2 offers an irreplaceable experience. It’s not only the way it looks, but also how smooth it plays and feels.
After a while, you’ll find out that this game is also intelligently designed. Each level is laid out on a separate tile allowing you to branch off and play more challenging levels sooner if you’d like.

Throughout the entire game its concept never really changes, but it does slightly evolve to mix things up from time to time. Taking one single object, moving around and rotating it until it makes a distinguished shape on the wall may seem easy at first, but this changes right after you receive a multiple objects to deal with. Having three different objects that need to be manipulated individually to create a specific shape with their shadows, it becomes a pretty difficult task. You’ll meet a shapes that are also incredibly hard to create compared to others, especially when there are no obvious visuals like an animal’s leg or a duck’s beak. Along the way, if you ever get stuck, you can use hint points to reveal certain tidbits about the shadow and how eventually the shadow is supposed to look like. Hint points are received by gradually solving puzzles.



Shadowmatic for iPhone/iPad

Shadowmatic for jailbroken iPhone/iPad

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