Great western video game with excellent graphics. For players who loves those times landscapes, clothing styles and ancient weapons. The action in the game takes place pretty quickly and in order to survive, you have to respond instantly. Movement and shooting controls are very accurate so it’s easily to deal with more enemy. For those who have no skills in action or shooting games, we suggest to spend some time for aiming practice. Magnetic targeting effect gives a hand for quickly taking sight of the enemy.

Each player is given 40 missions and 19 different weapons to unlock depending on the achievements they receive. The first weapons wont be so powerful and accurate, besides reloading them will require more time. However, during the game each better and more accurate weapon brings more joy when comparing with the first ones.

Six-guns2 Six-guns3 Six-guns4Six-guns1

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for Android

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown for iPhone/iPad

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