iPhone SE release date


Apple announced an iPhone without any specific number, just SE letters beside. That’s the first iPhone in Apple history without a number next to it’s name.
From the first sight it looks exactly as iPhone 5s. None of the major details has changed, so it’s easy to get confused until you take a good look at the technical specifications. This new iPhone SE is actually more powerful than previous generation iPhone 6, thanks to the latest A9 chip and 12 megapixel camera. Its classic design complete with unusual 4 inch display, which makes easier to reach all four corners with a thumb. Another great thing is that Apple’s new low-end iPhone price starts at $399. Seems that iPhone SE is intended for a certain segment of the market who prefers smaller or cheaper smartphones. And it’s a great strategy chosen by Apple, because nowadays it’s hard to find a mobile phone having a surprisingly high specification with that small display.

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