5s GIF

Simple to use app that lets you easily create animated GIFs from photos and videos on your device or search among thousands of popular animated GIFs via Giphy library. You are free to save any GIF founded in app library straight to your device. 5s GIF even lets you merge GIFs together and make one short animation story. There are some extra cool features like colorful effects selection and ability to add text or stickers that makes personal GIF unique and exclusive. Just don’t forget to set the right speed of an animation before sharing your creations via email, SMS or publishing it on social networks.

5s GIF
5s GIF1
5s GIF2
5s GIF3
5s GIF4

5s GIF
for iPhone/iPad

5s GIF for Android


Another great app that helps to express yourself in motion, but this one can make GIF straight from your device camera. GifBoom includes video editing tools that can rotate GIFs or change animation speed while in live preview mode. All users are free to join huge GifBoom creators community at gifboom.com to share their own GIFs and receive likes, comments or other feedback from project members.
After the latest update, GifBoom now includes up to 60 different frames that makes GIF more playful and supports add and play Music feature which you won’t find on any other similar application.


for iPhone/iPad

GifBoom for Android

GifBoom for BlackBerry

Gif Maker

Light and user friendly app with necessary settings only. Using Gif Maker you can also create beautiful photo collages and share them with your friends. Shooting GIF is easy, just launch the application and you’ll find all main control buttons on one screen. Tap on the X button at the top right to select Close Shooting mode or switch to front facing camera by turning on Self-Shot mode. Gif Maker lets you capture from 10 to 50 photos and choose video recording between 5 to 25 seconds for a single GIF creation.

Gif Maker
Gif Maker1
Gif Maker4
Gif Maker5
Gif Maker6

Gif Maker
for iPhone/iPad

Gif Maker for Android

Gif Maker for Windows Phone

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