Top 3 grocery list apps that makes your shopping much faster

Have you ever been at the store standing and wondering if you really took all the products and I haven’t forgotten anything? Or maybe you often call to your loved ones asking is there anything else you should take from the store? And yet the funniest thing is to wander at the store with a leaflet in your hand on which your loved one has written what products to buy.

Exact for these cases wanting to make shopping in your life much we made a review about the apps that can conveniently compile a list of necessary products that can be shared with family members. So today we will present 3 most popular and also the best rated apps.

Our Groceries

A shopping list app that does its job perfectly and in comparison with others, stands out with one convenient feature – recipe creation including list of ingredients. In addition to the usual shopping list, you can also add the necessary products to make the desired dish, which app shows up as soon as you tap on desired recipe. Just don’t forget to mark the purchased products thus completing the list.

Our Groceries2
Our Groceries3
Our Groceries4
Our Groceries1

You can add a photo or even a barcode to each purchase. Who might need a barcode I will not explain…
Our Groceries allows you to share your shopping list or recipe with others in basically all possible ways – by sending an SMS, via Messenger, sending an e-mail and so on. Shopping list is synchronized directly with another user you shared your list with. So for example, you will always know if your loved one has already bought a bread and milk crossing them out of the list.

What we didn’t like was that in free version ads are too distracting for whole user interface and quickly becomes quite intrusive. We also did not find an option to add a price next to the product and see the total amount spent after shopping. Nevertheless, Our Groceries app works good and is easy manageable.

Our Groceries for Android

Our Groceries for iOS


For us personally one of the favorite apps that includes all the essential features.
When you share a shopping list with the other party or a friend, all the changes you make to it are synced live. Purchased products you check are crossed out but they can be modified by another user you share shopping list with. Which can also add or remove products, change their quantity, prices, icons and so forth.
What’s especially fun is that when you add a price to a purchase, it’s immediately multiplied by the quantity. After shopping, at the bottom of the list you will see the total amount.

Another convenient setting we found is called “Automatically add last prices”. After enabling it, each item included in the list will be accompanied by its last entered price, which shows you the amount that is going to be spent.
It was also fun to see that at the bottom of the list for the exact products there are brief tips on how to keep them fresh or flavor them by adding extra ingredients. As an example: Adding wine to the list a tip has appeared at the bottom on what to do to make a wine retain its flavor longer in the opened bottle or how it can be flavored.Another great thing about the Listonic app is that each item can be assigned to a specific category, where each has its own picture. An image or icon can also be assigned to each product, making shopping list look as clear as possible. Seeing so many available languages to choose in the settings, we hope Listonic will soon have multilanguage support.

Listonic for Android

Listonic for iOS


An app whose name already states that it can be used for. With AnyList you can create any kind of list and share it with other user or users. Lists sync in real time and Google Assistant + Amazon Alexa voice management services are integrated for faster and easier management.


AnyList has something that none of the apps mentioned above has. It’s a recipe section where you can find world wide recommended recipes and also make your own notes next to each of them. For example: How many ingredients must be used to get the best taste as you like, how long should it cook, best serving ways and so on. If you think recipe is missing part of ingredients or some of them can be replaced, you are free to edit that info and make changes. Before going to the store you can also import whole recipe with all necessary ingredients.

AnyList becomes even more handy when you can easily import any recipe founded on the internet. Just click the share button on the recipe you like and select the AnyList app on your phone. This transfers the recipe with all the ingredients that belong to it. Isn’t that cool?

Do you follow a diet schedule? Then in the main menu you should go into nutrition calendar that can be supplemented with a daily meal recipes or cooking notes. However, this comes only in premium version.

All in all, AnyList app can be widely used for any kind of lists that be created and organized according to each user individual needs. Starting with general categories and ending with recipes assigning them directly to the calendar.

AnyList for Android

AnyList for iOS

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