Top 3 motorcycle route tracking apps

Often riding a motorcycle, I decided to look for a convenient, easy-to-use app that would record my routes and count distances. So I made a research to find out 3 best performing and highly rated apps that accurately show the most important route data.


Simple, easy-to-use route planning and recording application. It has one unique feature while other similar apps does not. It records maximum speed achieved on a particular section. Right above the map there’s a main route data that includes: date, start time, distance traveled, time it took to reach destination point, average and maximum speed.
All maps are detailed enough just because RBiker application borrows them from Google.


Button at the bottom lets you share your ride at social network. It’s even possible to add photos directly from your phone gallery that was captured during the trip.
All finished rides are stored in a common list and can be sorted according to the basic route data that was mentioned before.
Using RBiker application user can also see his friends accomplished routes and compare with his own. This application is also great for creating motorcycle trip events or anything related to it and sharing them with like-minded people.



This app is designed to be a great helper for those who like to take random routes without planing their final destination.
All you have to do is select circular route type, set desired distance and application will offer an automatically generated route in your city or country.
You can change way points on the map by moving, removing or adding new ones to extend your trip.


You can add captured photos to your finished trips or take a tour of the Calimoto recommended trips with landmarks.

However, Calimoto unlike RBiker does not display a specific section where maximum speed was reached. However, with the premium version you will be able to see acceleration, braking and lean angle info which is really surprising.


Yamaha My Ride

Yamaha My Ride is developed for better results so it includes more features and counts quite accurate route details.
Suppose you are riding the same track trying to make a new personal best time or have reached maximum speed at the same route with better lean angle. All of these results will be summed up using Yamaha My Ride where each achievement is awarded with virtual cup.

Yamaha My Ride3
Yamaha My Ride
Yamaha My Ride1
Yamaha My Ride2

Exceptionally convenient feature is not only total trip time, but also current movement time from start to stop point. Must admit, you do not always remember to stop the application timer right after reaching final destination.
Application displays lean angle, acceleration and braking data, which are not shown statistically but simply displayed in numbers. Along with them, Yamaha My Ride also counts elevations and slopes of the completed route.

All trip results can be compared or shared with friends using network features.
User profile collects quite interesting statistics that includes: total mileage (convenient to know when it’s time to change oil), time spent on the road, number of trips, longest trip, maximum speed, best acceleration and sharpest lean angle.

Yamaha My Ride

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